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Can Every Picture Tell A True Story?


“Where words can be twisted, fact-checks dismissed, and lies perpetuated, photographs can sear an image into public consciousness that leaves little room to dispute. The responsibility of the media as defenders of democracy has never been so urgent. And within the media, photojournalists, with their incredibly strict code of ethics have a distinct and important ability to indisputably represent the truth.” The words of Molly Gottschalk from her recent engaging piece “Why Photojournalists Are More Important Now Than Ever” for In this age of smartphones can anyone be a photojournalist? Will fake news include photojournalism because of Photoshop? Are the rules about to change in regard to portraying the new President? Do we judge politicians by their camera-friendly visages? Molly Gottschalk, associate features editor at joins the next edition of Life Elsewhere to discuss these questions and her provocative article. Also in the program, Norman B asks, “Am I dreaming?” The lead up to and now the advent of the Trump administration has been Alice-in-wonderland-like, with truth consistently being stranger than fiction. Frequent contributor to Life Elsewhere, Dr. Binoy Kampmark gives his perspective on the unfolding chaotic news stories surrounding Mr. Trump.

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Two Excellent Books. One Cool Magazine.

Did you know there was a real James Bond who inspired Ian Fleming’s iconic character? He was a daring double agent, who would have made James Bond look timid. He was Dusko Popov, his true story is told by author Larry Loftis in his page-turner of a book, Into The Lion’s Mouth.

This December will be the 25th anniversary since the Soviet flag came down over the Kremlin, Russia and America are again heading toward a confrontation—what happened? Joining us to offer some insight will be Arkady Ostrovsky, the author of The Invention of Russia – From Gorbachev’s Freedom To Putin’s War.

A very cool magazine called Ubikwist caught Norman B’s attention because the talented British singer-songwriter Zuzu was featured on the cover. Ubikwist founder and editor, Giannie Couji explains how his magazine is a work of love and deliberately multicultural.

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A Critical View On Art, Argument, Culture & Society

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“Looking around, a lot of the writing on art, culture, music, and politics seems to be coming from the same hymn sheet of careerist backslapping and uncritical thought. Come on people, let’s bring some real ecstatic petulance, atavistic joy and just plain old inspiring writing back into the mix”. That’s a quote from the About page of Trebuchet, the online magazine with the tagline, A critical view on art, argument, culture and societyAnd this is to encourage you to go visit Trebuchet, a magazine that champions contemporary art, activist politics, and ecstatic music. Trebuchet is a creative magazine minus the lifestyle upsell. The mission is to feature exciting writing about cultural intersections: people and power, art and consumer, music and the listener. A Human Instinct For War is the title of Norman B’s latest contribution to Trebuchet Magazine.

Power, Corruption & Lies

Trainspotters, detail obsessives and conspiracy theorists alike will appreciate our headline. It’s the title of New Order’s second studio album from May 1983.  We think it fitting to use a provocative title that also ties in the groundbreaking Manchester band. After all, Manchester United are certainly one the world’s most well-known soccer clubs and they also happen to be a favorite of Robert PriestFounder and Editor of Eight By Eight the dazzlingly creative and premier magazine devoted to the beautiful game. Robert joins the next edition of Life Elsewhere to help us understand all about the Power, Corruption & Liesthat brought FIFA and the unlikely-named Sepp Blatter into the world’s headlines this week.

Also in the program, former banker at J P Morgan, Michelle Millertalks about her debut novel, The Underwriting. A corporate thriller that takes place at Hook, an online dating start -up, where a high-stakes deal pitches the power of Wall Street against the savvy of Silicon Valley – until a young woman’s death threatens to topple it all.

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Ian Dury, Porn, Shoes, Illustration, Self Portraits & More (but not necessarily in that order)

Ian DuryCabin Porn      Amsterdam Shoe Company    Sqidface & The MeddlerKara Souza


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