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Who in their right mind would buy Amazon’s Fire Phone?

So, with a fair amount of your usual hoopla, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos introduces the world to his latest wonder-gizmo, the Fire Phone. We here at Life Elsewhere are always ready to take notice of a new smart-phone contender. Not least of all because, almost every day, one of us is cursing out our iPhone or Android for not responding fast enough. We excitedly

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Face Culture, Judgmental Maps, Cobblers, Casual Sex & Much More

The latest post at BACK. will take you to all kinds of wonderful places, where you’ll discover new photography and videos, splendid handcrafted footwear, intricate and unique clothing, maps that judge, midcentury modernism, a new magazine and Casual Sex, an impressive example of innovative music from a UK Techno veteran. Go to BACK. Get the Life Elsewhere Podcast here  

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The World Cup 2014 Edition

Life Elsewhere celebrates World Cup 2014 with a dream-team of experts on the beautiful game. Caitlin O’Connell and Phil Schoen, two highly respected soccer pundits, will join the program to give us the definitive overview. We’ll ask what can we expect from Brazil, the highlights, the games not to miss and of course, the predictions. Plus, we’ll learn about the growing popularity of soccer in

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What Do We Tell Our Children?

Sadly and oh so predictably, yet another senseless attack on our right to civilization happened at Isla Vista, California, last Friday night. The televised statement from the father of Christopher Martinez the distraught parent of one of the victims is unbearable to watch, not only because of witnessing the agony this man is suffering, but also because of the unequivocal truth he speaks.

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