Who in their right mind would buy Amazon’s Fire Phone?

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 5.01.48 PMSo, with a fair amount of your usual hoopla, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos introduces the world to his latest wonder-gizmo, the Fire Phone. We here at Life Elsewhere are always ready to take notice of a new smart-phone contender. Not least of all because, almost every day, one of us is cursing out our iPhone or Android for not responding fast enough. We excitedly devoured a preposterously large number of techie reviews, most of ’em saying pretty much the same thing. Then we stumbled upon this headline, “Who in their right mind would buy Amazon’s Fire Phone?” It was written forExtreme Tech by Sebastian Anthony, who describes himself as “A tall, hairy, British writer who blogs about technology, photography, travel, and whatever else catches my eye”. That clinched it, we knew we had to get Sebastian on the program. On the next edition of Life Elsewhere, we’ll get the pros and the cons about Amazon’s Fire, plus Sebastian Anthony will talk to us about the future of smart phones and what should we be looking for in digital technology?

Life Elsewhere airs Monday, June 23 at 9.00am ET

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