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Get Rich. Get Laid. Get Even.

“I really wanted to create a new type of publishing model,” Says Michelle Miller. “I wanted to create a project that mimicked the world that I was talking about, and to do that, I felt it needed to function like a start-up. So I set up an LLC, raised money from venture capitalist investors for equity, and basically, they get a piece

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An 8 Year-Old Liar & What Is Art?

           In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we’ll hear from Fayette Fox who says that before turning her hand to become an author she taught sex-ed to “untouchable-caste” girls in India. Fayette adds, she loves helping people, which is why she runs a business that creates the “right profile” for online dating sites! But, the main reason Fayette Fox will be on the program is to

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Tribute To Ian McLagan – Listen Again

In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere, Norman B payed tribute to Ian McLagan. A truly lovely man who tragically died from a massive stroke last Wednesday, December 3. Just over a week prior, Norman B aired on Life Elsewhere part one of his in-depth conversations with Ian, recorded earlier this year. The chats with Mac came about because the two silver-haired, ex-art students had met up at a charity event

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Tana French, Andy Zax & Gathered Ghosts Podcast Available Now!

“I’m very aware that when you take a chance on one of my books, it’s not just your money that you’re putting on the line; it’s your time, which is probably even more precious. I want to thank you, so much, for taking that chance; for your wonderful support, which never stops taking my breath away. Here’s to all of

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The Return Of Vinyl & The Secret Place

After a visit to Urban Outfitters, Norman B’s son James, asked if he could have a “cassette”. Perplexed because he hadn’t seen any sign of “cassettes” on display, Norman asked his son, to describe what a “cassette” was. “It’s those big round plastic things you put on a “cassette” player”, James announced with an exasperated sigh, because his dear old

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