Tana French, Andy Zax & Gathered Ghosts Podcast Available Now!

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.47.46 AM“I’m very aware that when you take a chance on one of my books, it’s not just your money that you’re putting on the line; it’s your time, which is probably even more precious. I want to thank you, so much, for taking that chance; for your wonderful support, which never stops taking my breath away. Here’s to all of you. I’ll do my absolute best not to waste your time.” The humble words of author Tana French on her website. The Dublin-based writer captured our attention easily with her latest novel, “The Secret Place and we certainly do not feel our time was wasted. Tana is an exuberant writer and her enthusiasm comes across in Norman B’s interview with her. She has been dubbed “the First Lady of Irish Crime,” drawing comparisons to Patricia Cornwell and even Agatha ChristiThe actress-turned-author is an astute observer of Irish life and has a delicious gift for realistic dialogue. In the Life Elsewhere interview Tana explains the plot of her new novel, class differences in Dublin and gives us a glimpse into the music she enjoys.

Grammy nominated producer, writer and musicologist, Andy Zax discusses the Return OfScreen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.35.21 PM Vinyl with Norman B. The conversation was prompted by Norman’s son James recent request for a “cassette”, after a visit to hip, Urban Outfitters. The hip clothing emporium sells cheap, but apparently efficient, turntables along with 12” vinyl platters of trending indie artists. Although James has grown up with a dad who has a warehouse crammed full with stacks of plastic discs and two treasured Techniques 1200’s, he was unaware of the correct names of such things. Almost-teenager James doesn’t care or see the connection to the old gear his dad has stashed behind alarm-rigged doors and the cool hot gear that Urban Outfitters has on display. James and his posse had decided upon “cassette” as the name for the bits of plastic they now coveted. Along with all the other gadgets and gizmos marketed so deliberately to the tweenie demographic, are turntables and record platters the next must haves? Is this the return of vinyl? We explore the possibility and learn about the difference in quality of sound of vinyl and digital recording.

Two Apples In A Cherry Tree by Gathered Ghosts was selected for this weeks Hit That Never Was by a jewelry designer who regularly listens to Life Elsewhere. You too, can get your Hit That Never Was played on Life Elsewhere by sending a few details about yourself and your request to: hitthatneverwas (at) lifeelsewhere (dot) co

Life Elsewhere airs every Monday at 9.00am ET (1400 GMT)

WMNF 88.5fm


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