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A Fly On The Wall

Generation Chef by Karen Stabiner is a captivating page-turner about the first year at a young chef’s first restaurant. Stabiner researched her story like a fly-on-the-wall in Jonah Miller’s New York kitchen. The result is a tale full of gripping details that reads like a novel. The author chronicles restaurant culture across the United States over the past decades, the

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Понимание того, как россияне понимают Америку*

“Russia Hacks DNC”, “The New Red Scare”, “Trump’s Pal Vlad”. Russia keeps showing up in the headlines as we hurtle toward the most bizarre Presidential election ever. Mr. Trump, the GOP Presidential nominee, constantly refers to Russia and Mr. Putin with approval in his atypical stump speeches. And, email hacks of the DNC and former United States Secretary of State,

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“Thank You, For Reading My Book!”

“Thank you, for reading my book!” You’d think that would be an odd comment for an author to utter to a talk-show host. After all, if you are going to interview someone about a book they have taken the time to write, the least you could do is read it. The fact is, as most writers will tell you, talk-show

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Two Excellent Books. One Cool Magazine.

Did you know there was a real James Bond who inspired Ian Fleming’s iconic character? He was a daring double agent, who would have made James Bond look timid. He was Dusko Popov, his true story is told by author Larry Loftis in his page-turner of a book, Into The Lion’s Mouth. This December will be the 25th anniversary since

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