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The Authors, The Books, The Interviews







Books are an integral part of Life Elsewhere. All kinds of books: the imaginative, off-kilter novel; the gripping detective drama; the investigative documentary; the revealing autobiography; the anecdotal memoir; the unapologetic satire…every type of book is welcome. There’s just one stipulation, Life Elsewhere host, Norman B has to read the book first before he talks about it on air. Which explains why his insightful, conversational interviews are praised by authors and listeners alike.

Above are just some of the books and authors featured in the past year on Life Elsewhere. See if you can match the author’s photograph with their book?

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Contradictions, Mistakes, The Media As News & New Music!

A bumper-variety-packed show in the next edition of Life Elsewhere. UK-based, American columnist for the Guardian newspaper, Tim Dowling joins the program to discuss his smart-witty new book, How To Be A Husband. This is not a self help book but rather, a public service with a collection of mistakes upon which a successful marriage has been built, says Tim.

This past week has seen the media making headline news, first with NBC news anchor Brian Williams exaggerating the truth, and then, faux news anchor Jon Stewart announced he will be quitting the Daily Show. To help us understand why the media has became news, we’ll talk with astute TV & Media Critic, Walt Belcher.

“How is it possible that a nation that gave us the Renaissance have also produced the Mafia?” We’ll ask that question and more of John Hooper, the critically acclaimed author of The Italians. The seasoned British correspondent has lived in Rome for a number of years, skillfully gathering a wonderful perspective to explain who are The Italians?

This week’s Hit That Never Was, by a band from New Zealand, with the unlikely name of French For Rabbits, selected by a listener who included with her email, a photo of Fred, her Labrador puppy. We would like to know what you think deserves to be the Hit That Never Was. Send your request and include a photo of your pet, if you wish, to: hitthatneverwas (at) lifeelsewhere (dot) co

To round out the program, we’re going to feature a couple of tracks from Siber Records, a label out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Siber impress us not just with the quality of their output but also the amazing variety of their releases. Siber is a label that is very hard to…er…label. And, we like that.

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Contradictions & Mistakes

We could not resist putting Contradictions & Mistakes together as a headline. Of course, they really have nothing in common, except for the fact that Contradictions & Mistakes are the main subjects of two new books and the authors will be the guests on the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

The Italians are full of contradictions, according to critically acclaimed author John Hooper, in his book of the same name. And, smart-witty writer, Tim Dowling in his new book, How To Be A Husband, suggests that it’s the mistakes that often keep a marriage together. We invite everyone from husbands and husbands-to-be to Italians and lovers of Italy to listen in to the next edition of Life Elsewhere to learn all about Contradictions & Mistakes, as presented by two fascinating authors. Norman B will ask John Hooper about the conundrums he writes about so eloquently in The Italians, beginning with, “How is it possible that a nation that gave us the Renaissance have also produced the Mafia?” Then, Norman will inquire why Tim Dowlingsays he has not written a self-help book, but instead, he’s providing a public service with a collection of mistakes upon which a successful marriage has been built, in How To Be A Husband.

There is still time to get your Hit That Never Was choice in, perhaps you can think of a song that fits in with the theme of the program…Contradictions & Mistakes? Send your selection along with a little info about yourself and why we should play your Hit That Never Was to hitthatneverwas (at) life elsewhere (dot) co

Life Elsewhere airs at a new time and new place: Sundays, 12 noon ET at WMNF The Source HD3. It’s easy to listen, click here in your browser. And, you can listen on your iPhone or iPad, get the new WMNF player here. Life Elsewhere can also be heard at NWCZ Radio, every Monday at5.00pm PT

Read Norman B’s interview with Martin “Youth” Glover in Trebuchet Magazine

Next On Life Elsewhere

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The number of listeners who checked out Life Elsewhere in December reached an all-time high, according to the official stats. More people listened to our show about Art, Media and Culture as we neared the end of the year than ever before. We’d like to think all those new listeners to Life Elsewhere agree with this accolade from acclaimed New York-based Creative Director, Robert Newman: “I’ve been a fan of Norman B for over 25 years. He is a master radio host, voice talent, interviewer, media critic, and a creator of important culture and cultural events. As the host and producer of Life Elsewhere, Norman B has created one of the most intelligent, engaging, diverse, and entertaining radio programs in recent memory. It’s a pure delight from beginning to end. Norman’s ability to combine a diverse array of interviews, news, reviews, music, and much more showcases his talents as a producer and cultural mixmaster. And of course it’s his personality and voice that is the masterful centerpiece of it all, as he weaves an audio mosaic that is in turns playful, serious, engaging, colorful, authoritative, and always entertaining. Norman B reminds me of CNN news host Anderson Cooper with his ability to range through topics with a tone that conveys authority, but still keep a sense of friendly engagement. Norman B is one of the most exciting and brilliant talents and is deserving of a wide audience in any field.”

It could be a coincidence of course, but just as more listeners discover Life Elsewhere, we are moving the show to a new air-time and a new delivery platform. Beginning Sunday, January 26, Life Elsewhere will broadcast live at 12 noon on The Source WMNF HD3. You can listen on a digital radio, online or your smart phone. Plus, Life Elsewhere as a Podcast will be available at

We are excited about these changes and have and incredible line-up of guests scheduled, including Rebecca Scherm, whose debut novel Unbecoming has caused Norman B to predict “This book will be on my best-book-of-the-year list, but also on many other best-of-lists.” Ben Yagoda will talk about his new book, The B-Side, The Death Of Tim Pan Alley And The Rebirth Of The Great American Song. We’ll explore an hilarious take on modern family life, parenthood, and marriage with Tim Dowling author of How To Be A Husband. Best-selling author David J. Linden will join the program to talk about examining how our sense of touch and emotion are interconnected in his new book Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind. And, Norman Doidge, M.D. unravels Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity in The Brain’s Way of Healing.

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photograph by Norman B,  2005