Contradictions & Mistakes

We could not resist putting Contradictions & Mistakes together as a headline. Of course, they really have nothing in common, except for the fact that Contradictions & Mistakes are the main subjects of two new books and the authors will be the guests on the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

The Italians are full of contradictions, according to critically acclaimed author John Hooper, in his book of the same name. And, smart-witty writer, Tim Dowling in his new book, How To Be A Husband, suggests that it’s the mistakes that often keep a marriage together. We invite everyone from husbands and husbands-to-be to Italians and lovers of Italy to listen in to the next edition of Life Elsewhere to learn all about Contradictions & Mistakes, as presented by two fascinating authors. Norman B will ask John Hooper about the conundrums he writes about so eloquently in The Italians, beginning with, “How is it possible that a nation that gave us the Renaissance have also produced the Mafia?” Then, Norman will inquire why Tim Dowlingsays he has not written a self-help book, but instead, he’s providing a public service with a collection of mistakes upon which a successful marriage has been built, in How To Be A Husband.

There is still time to get your Hit That Never Was choice in, perhaps you can think of a song that fits in with the theme of the program…Contradictions & Mistakes? Send your selection along with a little info about yourself and why we should play your Hit That Never Was to hitthatneverwas (at) life elsewhere (dot) co

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Read Norman B’s interview with Martin “Youth” Glover in Trebuchet Magazine

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    Always a good listen on my podcast routine when I’m driving to work in LA traffic! Life Elsewhere and its stories make the drive delightful rather than menacing!

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