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Amy Rigby, It’s A Pleasure

What a pleasure it is to know Amy Rigby. Some people, no, make that a lot of people in the rock ’n’ roll racket can be miserable sods. I put it down to spending far too much time living on the road. Even if you’re The Stones taking up whole floors of grand hotels with your ever-increasing entourage, it’s still

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The Valentines Day Special

  For the 2017 Life Elsewhere Valentine’s Day Special we consulted a distinguished panel of guests  to answer Three Questions About Love: What is Love? How do you know you are in Love? Do you have a favorite Love song? Our guests each have a different take on the questions, their answers may surprise you. Listen and see if you agree with:  Audrey

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Three Questions About Love

What is Love? How do you know you are in Love? Do you have a favorite Love song? Next on Life Elsewhere, The Valentine’s Day Special. A distinguished panel of guests will answer Three Questions About Love: Audrey Bilger, vice president and dean of the college at Pomona College & co-author of Here Come The Brides; Musician, producer and writer, Brian

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What Would You Tell The Undecided?

When the next edition of Life Elsewhere first airs, we will be just two days away from the Presidential election. As unlikely as it may seem, there are still people who claim to have not made up their minds when it comes to casting their vote.  At this late stage, what would you tell someone who is still undecided? To

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On Relationships & Love With Amy Rigby

Amy Rigby was born in Pittsburgh and moved to New York City in 1976. She worked her way to a solo career through New York City country band, The Last Round Up and the eccentric girl group The Shams. Her solo career began in 1996, she moved to Nashville to pursue a publishing deal, and continued to record and tour. Amy later relocated

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