On Relationships & Love With Amy Rigby

Amy Rigby

Amy Rigby was born in Pittsburgh and moved to New York City in 1976. She worked her way to a solo career through New York City country band, The Last Round Up and the eccentric girl group The Shams. Her solo career began in 1996, she moved to Nashville to pursue a publishing deal, and continued to record and tour. Amy later relocated to Cleveland, and in late 2006 moved to France with her second husband, Wreckless Eric. In the fall of 2011 they packed all their belongings into a couple of containers and headed to the USA, moving to a town in upstate New York. Amy writes songs based on personal observations about her life and importantly, about her relationships. Just before Christmas, 2015, Norman B was fortunate enough to spend time with Amy and Eric at their home. Thinking ahead, Norman asked the always busy Rigby if she would chat with him about relationships for the next Valentine’s Day edition of Life ElsewhereAmy Rigby happily agreed if she could find a few precious moments between, touring, recording, tending bar, wielding a hammer for home-improvement, cooking excellent dinners and writing a spirited diary. The resulting, intimate conversation on relationships and love, with Amy Rigby, is next on Life Elsewhere

Amy Rigby’s website | Amy Rigby’s blog
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