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New Discoveries!

Bob Proehl’s career history is not easy to identify because he writes with apparent expertise on relationships, comic book conventions, monsters, time travelers, and  even robots in his debut novel A Hundred Thousand Worlds. It turns out the native of Buffalo, New York, worked as a bookseller, a DJ, a record store owner, and a bartender. Occupations he clearly recalled for his witty, charming

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Two Excellent Books. One Cool Magazine.

Did you know there was a real James Bond who inspired Ian Fleming’s iconic character? He was a daring double agent, who would have made James Bond look timid. He was Dusko Popov, his true story is told by author Larry Loftis in his page-turner of a book, Into The Lion’s Mouth. This December will be the 25th anniversary since

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You Must Speak To Be Heard

This may surprise you: As the US Presidential election looms ahead in November and the non-stop news coverage of every move the candidates make and the cacophony of noise that generates, there are still folks who need prompting to register to vote. Yes, it is hard to fathom. Which is where HeadCount comes in. A non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters

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Polls: The Most Inexact Of Sciences

“Caught between a cynical Clinton machine and a shape-changing reality television show, US politics has featured its latest twist in the saga of surges and poll ratings. Now, we are being told that Donald Trump does have a chance against Hillary Clinton, spluttering ahead in some of the figures.” The words of Dr. Binoy Kampmark in a cogent piece he

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Living Out A Chapter From Modern Lovers

“I was having morning coffee at a cute little place in Boerum Hills, Brooklyn, owned by a couple who don’t speak to each other. As I chatted away with an old friend who once played drums in a band in the late 80’s, who had a one-off hit, we petted his always slobbering dog Rugby. Suddenly, in strode my friend’s

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