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Leaone Is His Name

Leaone is his name. He is a British singer-songwriter. His song, Young Green Eyes caught our attention first. His plaintive voice crying out these tearful lyrics,  “We’re all the same We want to live so carefree And your young green eyes Get me higher I’d like to run back into the open fields Before the clouds went black Life’s going faster Come take me now Kill the silence Take me down Do you crave my love and how I used to move you? Oh, it’s a cold and lonesome wire Hanging up and out to dry When you love somebody When you love somebody Oh how I long for your sweet embrace.” Then, we discovered Leaone was writing from experience, after a series of distressing events, including losing his job, a miserable break-up with a long-time girlfriend, and if that were not enough, he was mugged! Leaone released two more beautifully melancholy tracks, Goldtooth and Fly, My Swallow and we were convinced we needed to know more about him. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere, you’ll hear all three tracks and Norman B’s exclusive interview with Leaone.

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Back To School

It’s that time of the year again, summer is almost over and talk of education begins to filter into conversation as schools reopen. A perfect opportunity for Life Elsewhere to delve into the topic of learning. First up, Norman B chats with Rafe Esquith, who’s book Real Talk for Real Teachers,has just been released in paperback. Mr. Esquith, author of the New York Times bestselling, Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire has 30 plus years of experience as a classroom teacher in Room 56 at Hobart Elementary School in Los Angeles. His knowledge and exemplary teaching skill is matched by his honest and often controversial pronouncements, such as, “Thomas Jefferson was wrong about something big!” This will be a thought-provoking interview, you won’t want to miss.

In the second half of the program, education emerges again as Norman B tackles a real-life conundrum. Recently, we sent out an email blast, promoting an upcoming edition of Life Elsewhere. Unfortunately, there was a glaring spelling mistake. No one saw it, until the moment the send button was hit. Even more peculiar, not one of our recipients made mention of the mistake. Was it hidden in plain sight, so obvious, no one saw it? How is it possible that a conspicuous spelling mistake could go unnoticed by so many eyes? To answer these questions and more, Christopher Chabris, co-author of The Invisible Gorilla will join the program. His book helps us understand why and how our brains miss the obvious. Norman B will ask Mr. Chabris what we can do to inoculate ourselves from everyday illusions, especially cringeworthy, spelling mistakes.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and questions on both these topics by sending an email to info(at)lifeelswhere.co

Plus, you’ll hear the latest Hit That Never Was, selected by a listener.  Send us your suggestion, we would love to know what it is? Send it to hitthatneverwas(at)life elsewhere.co

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#yesallwomen Explained

Audrey BilgerThe latest edition of Life Elsewhere began with a conversation about #yesallwomen and the backlash against women speaking out about the pervasiveness of violence against women. Our guests were Audrey Bilger,author, professor of literature and gender studies and Faculty Director of the Center for Writing & Public Discourse at Claremont McKenna College and Shira Tarrantauthor, professor & social critic, political scientist and associate professor of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies at California State University, Long Beach.  Shira TarrantThe two professors eloquently gave their well-considered insights on the topic and provided valuable links. Audrey Bilger shared When Women Refuse a Tumblr where women share their stories of violence inflicted on them because they rejected sexual advances. Shira Tarrant shared three links to groups involving men working to prevent men’s violence, White Ribbon, Men Can Stop Rape and Voice Male Magazine. We here at Life Elsewhere encourage you to visit all these sites and mention we sent you.

This week’s Hit That Never Was featured English chanteuse, Jade Williams, aka Sunday Girl with her enchanting cover of Where is My Mind, a song from the Pixies debut album, Surfer Rosa.

In the last segment of the program, Norman B introduced Jowita Bydlowska the author of Drunk Mom: A Memoir, by saying, “This book is Harrowing! Brutally Honest and Courageous!” Ms. Bydlowska tells the painfully true story of her struggles with motherhood and alcoholism. Its a brutally frank account of how Jowita spent her time trying to figure out where she could buy her booze, trying to hide her drinking from her boyfriend, and perhaps most difficult, calculating how much she drank and how much time needed to pass before she could safely nurse her son.

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101 Kick-Ass Music Covers With Creative Director Robert Newman – Download The Podcast Now!

Robert Newman

The latest edition of Life Elsewhere features acclaimed Creative Director Robert Newman who talks about his impressive and painstakingly curated article for Adweek titled 101 Kick-Ass Music Covers: The most awesome, iconic and controversial magazine images of the last 80 years. Newman, a regular contributor to Life Elsewhere tells Norman B he spent many late nights pouring over literally thousands of magazine covers to finally come up with his top 101. “A difficult and intimidating task”, says Newman“but I knew some covers just had to be included, for instance, the brilliant and at the time, the controversial Vanity Fair cover, featuring Cindy Crawford pretending to shave K.D. Lange“. Newman continues, “Its hard to believe that twenty years ago this cover caused so much outrage!”

Adweek music covers small2

Also on the show, Miami-based author, Shelly Gitlow,who explains her funny, racy new novel, Dispatches From ParadiseGitlow has crafted a Sex In The City meets 50 Shades Of Grey scenario, with three distinct and unforgettable characters. One of which, Norman B jokingly suggests he may know!

David Letterman announced his retireLimbaughment from Late Night, a week later Stephen Colbert signs on with CBS to take over. In turn this news prompted one of America’s top comedians to be outraged. We discuss with Creative Loafing’s Arts & Entertainment Editor, Julie Garisto.

This week’s Hit That Never Was selected by a listener named Chris, is a curious cover of  the Phil Spector classic, He’s a Rebel by The Morning Benders

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