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Leaone Is His Name

Leaone is his name. He is a British singer-songwriter. His song, Young Green Eyes caught our attention first. His plaintive voice crying out these tearful lyrics,  “We’re all the same We want to live so carefree And your young green eyes Get me higher I’d like to run back into the open fields Before the clouds went black Life’s going faster Come

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Back To School

It’s that time of the year again, summer is almost over and talk of education begins to filter into conversation as schools reopen. A perfect opportunity for Life Elsewhere to delve into the topic of learning. First up, Norman B chats with Rafe Esquith, who’s book Real Talk for Real Teachers,has just been released in paperback. Mr. Esquith, author of the New

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#yesallwomen Explained

The latest edition of Life Elsewhere began with a conversation about #yesallwomen and the backlash against women speaking out about the pervasiveness of violence against women. Our guests were Audrey Bilger,author, professor of literature and gender studies and Faculty Director of the Center for Writing & Public Discourse at Claremont McKenna College and Shira Tarrant, author, professor & social critic, political scientist and associate

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101 Kick-Ass Music Covers With Creative Director Robert Newman – Download The Podcast Now!

The latest edition of Life Elsewhere features acclaimed Creative Director Robert Newman who talks about his impressive and painstakingly curated article for Adweek titled 101 Kick-Ass Music Covers: The most awesome, iconic and controversial magazine images of the last 80 years. Newman, a regular contributor to Life Elsewhere tells Norman B he spent many late nights pouring over literally thousands of magazine covers to finally come up with his top 101. “A difficult and intimidating task”, says Newman, “but I knew some

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