Leaone Is His Name

Leaone is his name. He is a British singer-songwriter. His song, Young Green Eyes caught our attention first. His plaintive voice crying out these tearful lyrics,  “We’re all the same We want to live so carefree And your young green eyes Get me higher I’d like to run back into the open fields Before the clouds went black Life’s going faster Come take me now Kill the silence Take me down Do you crave my love and how I used to move you? Oh, it’s a cold and lonesome wire Hanging up and out to dry When you love somebody When you love somebody Oh how I long for your sweet embrace.” Then, we discovered Leaone was writing from experience, after a series of distressing events, including losing his job, a miserable break-up with a long-time girlfriend, and if that were not enough, he was mugged! Leaone released two more beautifully melancholy tracks, Goldtooth and Fly, My Swallow and we were convinced we needed to know more about him. In the next edition of Life Elsewhere, you’ll hear all three tracks and Norman B’s exclusive interview with Leaone.

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