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The Inner Lives Of Sci-Fi Fans

What makes sci-fi fans tick? Miriam Seidel’s debut novel, The Speed Of Clouds. Reveals the inner lives of fans, their passionate connection to imagined worlds. The joys of cosplay, and the bonding rituals that bring them together at meetings and Cons. Mindy Vogel, the novel’s main character, is a young woman with spina bifida, getting around in a wheelchair, living

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Siv Jakobsen – The Interview. (Redux*)

“I was entranced by her voice and her ability to use silences or pauses so effectively.” Says Norman B about Siv Jakobsen, a talented new musical artist from Norway. The Life Elsewhere host’s unbridled enthusiasm led to a request for an interview with the Oslo-based musician. Arrangements were quickly made, and with disarming candor, Siv chatted with Norman B for twice as long

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Before There Was Reggae…

Before there was Reggae there was Rock Steady, before Rock Steady there was Ska. Ska was also known as Blue Beat and Blue Beat has to be attributed to Prince Buster. Musicologists may quibble over the evolution of Jamaica’s idiosyncratic music yet the facts are: Cecil Bustamente Campbell, born on Orange Street in Kingston, Jamaica, on 24 May 1938 was

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Next On LIfe Elsewhere: Joyce Levine, Zac Bissonnette, Stephen O’Connor & Twin Shadow

                            The next edition of Life Elsewhere will be bumper-packed, beginning with an interview springing from Norman B’s curiosity about astrology. “I was born on the cusp, whatever that means?” He says, adding, “I’m a complete ignoramus about astrology! I thought it time to know how to answer correctly when asked, Whats your

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Controversy #1.

After viewing Trump Rally, the skillfully produced documentary that zooms in on the people who believe Donald J. Trump should be the next President of the United States, it would be easy to mock and deride the enthusiastic fans of the bloviating billionaire. But Sean Dunne, the talented, youthful director of Trump Rally has a different take on the folks

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