Next On LIfe Elsewhere: Joyce Levine, Zac Bissonnette, Stephen O’Connor & Twin Shadow


The next edition of Life Elsewhere will be bumper-packed, beginning with an interview springing from Norman B’s curiosity about astrology. “I was born on the cusp, whatever that means?” He says, adding, “I’m a complete ignoramus about astrology! I thought it time to know how to answer correctly when asked, Whats your sign?” Acclaimed astrologer, Joyce Levine joins the show to help Mr. B understand if he is Gemini or Taurus. Then, author Zac Bissonnette will explain, The Great Beanie Baby Bubble: Mass Delusion and the Dark Side of Cute. After hearing Zac’s often bizarre tale, you’ll never look at those plush toys the same way again. The Hit That Never Was has been absent from Life Elsewhere for a few weeks because of the abundance of new music and interviews we have featured. With a stockpile of requests on hand, this week we hand-over The Hit That Never Was selection to Maxine, a listener who sent along with a charming chatty email, photos of Ralph, her pet rabbit. Maxine asked to hear a track from Twin Shadow from the 2010 album, Forget. A remarkable book, Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings is the focus of the last interview. This is the debut novel from accomplished writer, Stephen O’Connor, who has brilliantly crafted fact, fiction, and dream sequences into an extraordinary work. O’Connor explains how his curiosity of the taboo relationship between Thomas Jefferson, who famously said, “All men are created equal” while keeping a slave, Sally Hemings, led to writing his memorable book. 

Make sure you don’t miss Joyce LevineZac BissonnetteTwin Shadow, and Stephen O’Connor, on the next edition of Life Elsewhere, broadcast times are below.

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