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A Peculiar Contradiction

“Peter, you live in this spectacular environment, a beautiful house set in a gorgeous landscape of lush green rolling hills, with a veritable menagerie of cuddly dogs, inquisitive emus, nosey alpacas, gentle chickens and reclusive ducks. Your home is replete with exquisite artwork, precious collectibles, an exemplary wine cellar, an impressive array of rare whiskeys and a garage full of

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The Annual Life Elsewhere Christmas Gift Special

In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we proudly bring you our Annual Christmas Gift Special.  This year, we’ve assembled a panel of “gifting” experts and asked them to create their ideal list of gift suggestions. Each expert will choose three books and one non-book, and all will be asked to explain their choices. The ensuing discussion should be smart

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The Best List Ever!

On the latest edition of Life Elsewhere four creative guests share their brilliant ideas for Christmas gifts. Robert Newman, highly regarded Creative Director who has steered the look of The Village Voice, Details, New York, Real Simple and more, offers his intriguing list, including two books designed specifically for children. Popular Los Angeles based author Mark Haskell-Smith comes up with an

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