The Annual Life Elsewhere Christmas Gift Special


In the next edition of Life Elsewhere we proudly bring you our Annual Christmas Gift Special.  This year, we’ve assembled a panel of “gifting” experts and asked them to create their ideal list of gift suggestions. Each expert will choose three books and one non-book, and all will be asked to explain their choices. The ensuing discussion should be smart and entertaining. And, you know, you just might come away with the perfect gift for someone on your list. The Annual Life Elsewhere Christmas Gift Special! Do NOT miss it!

And now a gift for you: The one-of-a-kind Life Elsewhere Gift Mix. Our own Norman B has searched through his vast collection and created a blend of music you’re not likely to hear anywhere else. From rare Jamaican dub plates to obscure independent artists and the occasional found sound. If you revel in real eclectic mixes that’ll prompt your friends to ask, “Where on earth did you find this stuff?”, this is the one for you. To get your copy, we ask only that you make a donation of any amount to Life Elsewhere. Simply click on the “Make A Donation” button to the right of this page. In return, we’ll send you a special code to unlock and download the Life Elsewhere Gift Mix. But don’t delay, the Gift Mix will only be available for a limited time. Thank you for supporting Life Elsewhere.

Life Elsewhere airs Monday at 9.00am ET 

WMNF 88.5fm


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