Birthday Edition Podcast now available…great show!

Great show this week and it’s all about birthdays! People who love them, and people who don;t believe in them! Check out the podcast, as share with your chums.


  1. In 1970, I turned my radio off. The DJ drivel and disappointing selection of tunes on commercial broadcasts simply did not appeal to the palate of my brain, spirit, or soul. Since then, there is one person able to assuage my hunger for something substantial from the ether of the radio waves—Mr Norman B.

    From our earliest encounter, back in 1979, when I first discovered his presence on Seattle’s late, great Radio KRAB, I could always count on something fresh, thought-provoking, or even (heaven forbid) FUN, from Norman’s radio shows. The languid flow of his voice, spilling intelligence through the speakers of my receiver, has always been a comfort to my savage beast.

    From the west coast to Florida, for some reason, we always seemed to be within earshot of his radio programs. Now—through the magic of the World Wide Web, I can enjoy Norman B’s stunning new “Life Elsewhere” on Tampa’s 88.5FM WMNF from my new home in Australia!

    “Life Elsewhere” is a beautiful demonstration of incredible amount of work and thought that “The B” devotes to his work.

    Major kudos to you, WMNF—for having not only the insight, but the opportunity to broadcast Norman B’s current work!

    From the Edge of Tomorrow,
    Rick Peck

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