Je Suis Désolé!

Yes, I am sorry! I am truly sorry for all of the innocent people who have died at the hands of terrorists. I am sorry that I and legions of other voices in the media around the world have not been more vocal in denouncing the garbled and frequently hypocritical rhetoric about and on terrorism. I could go on with a rant, but more than enough pontificating from pundits better informed than I has been clogging the ether for far too long. Instead I ask that you digest these alarming facts: List Of Terrorist Incidents, 2014.

And now, take a look at the latest post at BACK. We begin with advance notice of an interview coming up on Life Elsewhere. Discover who Googles what. See the view only a zillionaire can afford. The reverse GIF of the year? Dubious art. Cool graphic design. The perfect pants for peeing disasters. A magazine from Copenhagen and a collection of excellent photography.

The photo above is by Hamburg-based, Sarah Bernhard, one of the excellent photographers featured at Many Many

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