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Acclaimed satirical illustrator, caricaturist and social commentator, Steve Brodner returns to Life Elsewhere, with his well-considered opinions. This time, we asked Steve to help us to make sense of the nonsensical disarray of the GOP and the recent 2nd debate. Brodner accuses the Republican party with a charge he says some listeners may not want to hear.

This week’s Hit That Never Was features an obscure 7” single from Jamaica, Angie La La by Nora Dean, known best for her risqué 1970 hit, Barbwire. Nora recorded as a member of The Soulettes (with Rita Marley) and The Ebony Sisters before recording as a solo artist. She moved in and out of the music business over the years, finally concentrating on gospel music in the 1990’s.

In response to continuous requests, Norman B selects 3 new music tracks. Starting with Andrei Eremin, a producer, mixer, engineer and musician from Melbourne, Australia, with Two Dones from his excellent EP, Pale Blue. Next, a jazz-influenced beat-strumental, Early Spring by .Sinh with Masego on the saxophone. “Because of my fear and loathing of Smooth Jazz,” says Mr B, “I approached this one with caution, but my concerns were, thankfully overridden!” Finally, out of Denver, Trevor Christensen, who goes by the moniker of Said The Sky, gives us Darling, featuring the vocal talents of Misssio.

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