Making Sense Of The Nonsensical

Steve Brodner by Nik Kowsar
Steve Brodner by Nik Kowsar

The 2nd GOP debate, hosted by CNN, at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California was promoted with all the unabashed crassness of WWE wrestling match. Politics as a spectator sport was gleefully spewed out across all media outlets. “It’s a mass performance art experiment with each candidate having an agenda to promote.”  Says Steve Brodner, the acclaimed satirical illustrator, caricaturist and social commentator. We invited the aptly qualified Brodner back to Life Elsewhere to share his take on the debate. But, we went further, we asked Steve Brodner to help us make sense of what can only be described as the nonsensical state of the GOP Presidential line-up. “I’m gonna say something, many of your listeners might not like…” Says Brodner, as he explains why Donald TrumpJeb BushScott WalkerBen CarsonCarly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Marco RubioMike HuckabeeRand PaulJohn Kasich, and Chris Christie continue to behave as if they were running against Barack ObamaSteve Brodner, a smart and talented man who has been up close and personal with numerous Presidential candidates and notable politicians, does not offer his considered opinions flippantly. This is a man who studies people and their behavior closely, in order to capture their essence in one of his revealing caricatures. “If you want to know the true story of America,” continues Brodner, “we define issues on this topic.”

To learn what Steve Brodner means, and to find out if you are one of the listeners he believes will not like what he has to say, make sure you do not miss the next edition of Life Elsewhere. The air times are below.

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