New Music – What Do You Think?

“An amazing amount of new music comes my way”, says Norman B, “I love sharing the cuts I think deserve your attention, better still, I love getting your feedback”. Listen carefully, let us know what you think of a talented singer out of the UK, Annabel Jones with IOU? Or, next up Max Jury, a singer-songwriter from Iowa, the track is titled Numb. Continuing on, give us your feedback on Brisbane producer, Arthur Wimble and his cut HeartsBrighton is a lovely lovely town on the south coast of England that continues to produce exceptional talent, take a listen to Sea Bed with Moving Ghosts from their upcoming EP of the same name, do they desrve your thumbs up? Staying in the UK, we move up north to Newcastle and Keiandra with a track from her EP,  Empty Places, this one is called Icing Sugar. Finally in this new music selection, we go to Nashville with aspiring artist, Fleurie and Sirens. Share your opinions, tell us what you think of our new music selection. Send your comments to:

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