Life Elsewhere Music Vol 241 – A Conversation With Keeley – Part 1. The Inspiration

Keeley is a singer-songwriter based in Dublin. She has a new EP, Brave Warrior. Keeley likes to talk about her passion(s). She has two. “I’m obsessed with music!” She exclaims, then, more subdued, she says, “I’m consumed by the tragic, unsolved assault and murder of Inga Maria Hauser, the inspiration for my new EP”. Keeley wasted no time explaining why the death of a German student in Ireland in 1988 was so important to her. Keeley goes into explicit detail revealing all she knows about Inga’s horrific death. She recounts her last movements, even counting down the final seconds until Inga vanished. It’s a harrowing story that has clearly moved Keeley, not only has she dedicated her Brave Warrior EP to the young student tourist, she also produces a blog about the mystery, The Keeley Chronicles. One hour passes very quickly when you have an engaging guest, we will continue our conversation in Part 2. Where Keeley goes into detail about her music and why she wants to be the best guitar player in the world. 

Also in the show, new music from Ellis out of Hamilton, Ontario. “Sad but nice” is how Ellis introduces her EP, Nothing Is Sacred Anymore. You’ll hear the cut, Hell (feat. Chastity) which we think will prompt you to check out more from Ellis.

LEM 241