Life Elsewhere Music. Vol 242 – A Conversation With Keeley Part 2 – The Music


If I recounted to you my last 48 hours you wouldn’t believe me. But, here are a few highlights: chatted with a young upcoming baseball star, was searched and vetted by the secret service, introduced to royalty, interviewed a legendary alternative musician, reviewed a stack of new releases, and produced Life Elsewhere Music. Vol 242. 

Motrick are based in Portland, Oregon, yet they have a passion for what they refer to as “Krautrock”. With influences from Can to Kraftwerk this four-piece demonstrates their skills on their LP, Moon: The Cosmic Electrics of Motrik. They lead off the show with Silver Twin in fine style. Constructing your album around the death of your father could in theory, be too intimate for many listeners. With Wild River, Phillidelphia-based, Anika Pyle bares her emotions and in turn, has made a haunting, yet reassuring record. She writes, “Wild River is a quiet collection of song and poetry making sense of the sudden death of my father in October of 2019 and of loss in general”. Adding, “This is about learning to let go and move forward from grief steadfastly with love, despite the essentially cruel and random nature of the universe”. I have chosen two cuts to illustrate Anika’s concept, Haiku For Everything You Loved And Missed, and Mexican Restaurant Where I Last Saw My Father. The music of Ellis has been on my repeat playlist for a few weeks now, so I wanted you to hear more from this talented singer-songwriter out of Hamilton, Ontario. Her album is, Nothing Is Sacred Anymore. What If Love Isn’t Enough proves you need to take notice of Ellis. Gaze is Ghost was originally the pseudonym of classically trained Irish composer and singer-songwriter Laura McGarrigle, two years ago she was joined by drummer Casey Miller a veteran of the Scottish Music and Art scene, and Keith Mannion (from the electronic band, Slow Place Like Home). The UK-based band’s LP titled, Lapis Cobalt Indigo Blue, is full of exquisitely produced music with In Parenthesis as a guide to learning more about Gaze is Ghost. From Melbourne comes Deep Fried Dub a dub-wise duo who combines live instrumentation with electronic beats. From the album, Refried 111 you’ll hear the infectious, Back To My Roots (Deep Fried Dub’s Refried Remix) by Isaac Chambers ft. Dub Princess. An essential addition to your new playlist. 

In Part 2 of A Conversation With Keeley the Dublin-based artist talks in-depth about her musical influences, her favorite guitar, making music, performing live, and her sincere ambition to be the world’s greatest guitar player. Keeley’s unabashed honesty is compelling listening. Make sure you check out Part 1 where she explains the inspiration for her Brave Warrior EP


  1. Motrik – Silver Twin
  2. Anika Pyle – Haiku For Everything You Loved And Missed
  3. Anika Pyle – Mexican Restaurant Where I Last Saw My Father
  4. Ellis – What If Love Isn’t Enough
  5. Gaze Is Ghost – In Parenthesis
  6. Isaac Chambers ft. Dub Princess – Back To My Roots (Deep Fried Dub’s Refried Remix)
  7.  Keeley – You Never made It That Far

Artwork by Eugene Parker “Tears are made with love” 2015 24″ x 27″ digitally manipulated jpeg. Laserjet print on laminated board. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection

LEM Vol 242