Life Elsewhere Music Vol 256

Here we go on a musical adventure, crossing frontiers and embracing as many genres as possible, to begin, we visit Nashville to hear from Pretty Embers who tells all about Inside. I particularly like the arrangement and the reverb on the singer’s voice halfway through. Looking forward to their debut EP coming soon. Fears is London-based Irish artist, musician, and producer Constance Keane who says, “Fears invites the listener on an ethereal journey, blurring the boundaries between music and visual art”. Fabric is from Constance’s debut LP, Oíche, (that’s ‘night’ in Irish). Lovely reflective electronics, acoustic samples, and haunting vocals going on here. Next, we travel to Hamilton, Ontario to hear UBRS by Scott Orr from his album, Oh Man. According to Scott, “This is an album about death, our planet, and the afterlife through a folky, smooth-jazz lens”. Yes, I’m a bit bothered by that description, but Mr. Orr is good at what he does. We played a cut from James M. Carson’s LP,  It Starts With A Shaker a few volumes ago. At the time, I mentioned it would be good to hear more from James. He didn’t waste any time, he sent us his complete LP, plus he generously sent a few videos from his acoustic sessions. An excellent songwriter is Mr. Carson as you’ll hear on ’Till The Morning. Demonstrating more of his musical ability, James shared Suburban Tides a cut from The Swells, another band he plays with.  The lads are Matt Grayson, Dom Marsh, Louis Smith, and Rob Cieka, all out of Manchester. Sticking with mixing up the genres, we dash off to Sydney, Australia to hear from Morilla & Oliver who are Midnight Pool Party. About their disco banger, Potential they say “It’s about shooting your shot with someone and just taking a risk, but it’s also about having fun, being free, and having the confidence to be someone’s fantasy”. Fair enough. Midnight Pool Party are courtesy of Mammal Sounds management, so with that pedigree, your know they are worth your time. We stay in a disco stylee with Spray who reckon we should all get Hammered In An Airport. Ambiguous Poems About Death is the LP on Analogue Trash out of Manchester. Siblings Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn are Spray and we approve of their retro sound. We stay in Manchester to catch up with our good friend, Harry Stafford, yes he of Inca Babies fame who are having a new lease of life with their latest album, Swamp Street Soul. Original Inca Babies guitarist, Harry Stafford, has joined up with Vince Hunt and Rob Haynes to revitalize the band which began in 1984. Walk In The Park is a fine reason to check out, Swamp Street Soul. “Alternative music for the curious minds and hungry xenophiles”, says Brooklyn-based Anjali Rose about her LP, Shadow Works. Such a lot of interesting ideas here as you’ll hear on Beautiful. Anjali Rose describes herself as a musician, videographer, and freak. We like that. Maxine Funke’s distinctive and charming dialect comes to the fore as she almost whispers, Homage from her album, Seance. The New Zealand-based artist’s voice reminds me of something, somewhere, it may not be even music, but it does evoke a feeling, not necessarily sad, perhaps – knowing? Alluring. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Pictoria Vark is out of Grinnal, Iowa. Yet, the real surprise is just how good I Can’t Bike is. Here we have Victoria Park on bass and vocals, Gavin Caine is busy with drums, percussion, keys, and guitar, and Jason Ross is also on guitar. And, what a marvelous sound they all make. I love this record. To take us to the close, crucial, authentic, jungle from London by LMajor with Feelin’ featuring Fracture. Their Can’t Do It EP is essential listening. Thank you for listening, do let us know what you think of LEM, send your thoughts to


  1. Pretty Embers – Inside
  2. Fears – Fabric
  3. Scott Orr – UBRS
  4. James M. Carson – ’Till The Morning
  5. The Swells – Suburban Tides
  6. Midnight Pool Party – Potential
  7. Spray – Hammered In An Airport
  8. Inca Babies – Walk In The Park
  9. Anjali Rose – Beautiful
  10. Maxine Funke – Homage
  11. Pictoria Vark – I Can’t Bike
  12. LMajor – Feeling (ft. Fracture)

Artwork by Gordon L. Reeves 1939 – 2002 “Southgate, Lakeland, FL” 1967 Kodachrome print 36” x 36” Courtesy of Norman B’s collection