Life Elsewhere Music Vol 269 – A Conversation With Cathal Coughlan & Garrett Jacknife Lee of Telefis

Ever since the damn Covid plague, working in isolation has become de rigueur for what feels like the last hundred years. Thankfully, most of us have become reliant on Zoom to interact with each other, face-to-face, albeit virally. This is how we have conducted our conversations for Life Elsewhere, and Zoom has become the obvious work tool for musicians and producers who are possibly thousands of miles apart. The new album, a hAon by Telefis from two of Irelands most acclaimed musicians, Cathal Coughlan and Garrett Jacknife Lee was planned and created via Zoom and other electronic media. With Cathal being based in the middle of England and Garrett ensconced just outside of Los Angeles, the pair worked on the Telefis project remotely. Although they had met up in person, earlier in their careers, the planning, recording, production, and mixing for a hAon was all conducted via the internet. Continuing with that theme our conversation took place in three different time zones. For Cathal, it was early evening, early afternoon for Norman B, and late morning for Garrett. Listen carefully as the conversation flows with details about producing the Telefis album, insights into working with legendary bass player, Jah Wobble, and going back in time to unravel an early post-punk release, Rapejacket from the album Comforter by Compulsion. You’ll also hear one of Garrett’s latest collaborations and production ventures with Mali-based singer, Rokia Koné, aka the Rose of Bamko on the beautiful, Bamanan album. This is also a prompt for you to check out Garrett Jacknife Lee’s extraordinary list of production credits. Although this is very much a conversation about music, it is also an explanation as to why Telefis is important for Cathal and Garrett to honor their Irish heritage. 



  1. Compulsion – Rapejacket
  2. Telefis – Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics
  3. Telefis with Jah Wobble – Falun Gong Dancer
  4. Telefis – The Symphonies Of Danny La Rue
  5. Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee – Kurunba