Are You Scared Yet?

Robert Hunziker is a pleasant, polite fellow, he writes extensively on the environment, collating mind-boggling facts and figures. We invited Robert back to Life Elsewhere to bring us up to date with his latest findings on the state of our planet. This was prompted in part by his frequent contributions to CounterPunch. After listening to Robert Hunziker speak for 60 minutes you may well decide to clamber back into bed, pull the covers up over your head and hope you doze off to sleep peacefully, even though it could be the middle of the day. Hunziker paints gruesome scenarios in vivid detail. He invites the listener to board an imaginary spaceship to view Earth from afar. As you hurtle through space, Mr. Hunziker adds another catastrophic possibility after another. Then, without missing a beat, he announces, “I don’t know how to pilot this craft back to Earth. To survive we will most likely have to find another planet to live. Are you scared yet?”

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