A Conversation With David Christian

After 29 years with British indie/garage/beat/punk/psych-pop collective Comet Gain, singer/mastermind, and main fireraiser David Christian thought, “Why not do a solo album?” After all, some of his favorite records are also solo records by people from bands; John Cale, Gene Clark, Julian Cope, Stephen Duffy, Mike Nesmith, Curtis Mayfield, Neil Young… under the sun of his new home in the South of France, exchanged for Brexit London, a timeless folk-rock album was created, For Those We Met On The Way with the kind help of numerous friends on numerous instruments, credited to David Christian and The Pinecone Orchestra. A conversation with Norman B was arranged via Zoom. David willingly explained the creation of his debut solo album and shared memories of his early days in popular music. You’ll hear a relaxed, informative musician who undoubtedly has a passion for his craft. Plus, David’s young son, Emile patiently standing by as his father chats, finally, cannot hold back any longer and pops into frame to ask a few pertinent questions. 

LEM 247