A Conversation With Samuel Clowes Huneke

Samuel Clowes Huneke chose to take what could be considered a niche aspect of a minority in a certain place at a particular time. Except, his fascinating and explorative book, States Of Liberation – Gay Men Between Dictatorship And Democracy In Cold War Germany is far more than simple catalog headings – or cliches – much more. Huneke has masterfully delved into his subject with enormous energy, utilizing charts, graphs, and illustrations along with insightful observations and anecdotes. Not once in his book does Samuel become preachy or hint at a sanctimonious tone. Instead, this knowledgeable assistant professor of history at George Mason University applies his obvious passion for his field of study in a delightful, comfortable manner. Not unlike how he comes across in conversation. Samuel’s book introduces a captivating cast of characters, from gay spies and Nazi scientists to queer politicians and secret police bureaucrats, States of Liberation tells the remarkable story of how the two German states persecuted gay men – and how those men slowly, over the course of decades, won new rights and created new opportunities for themselves in the heart of Cold War Europe. Relying on untapped archives in Germany and the United States as well as oral histories from witnesses and survivors, Huneke reveals that communist East Germany was in many ways far more progressive on queer issues than democratic West Germany. Samuel Clowes Huneke is a charming guest, making this a must-listen-to conversation. 

Over the last few weeks, in fact directly after Mr. Putin directed his forces to invade Ukraine, we have received almost daily, new releases in support of the Ukrainian people. Here then is a cut from Slava Ukraini! (This translates to Glory To Ukraine), this is an exceptional compilation out of London on the House of Mythology imprint, the track a previously unreleased cut from Daniel O’SullivanWaterbearer which will be on his forthcoming album, Rosarium, due for release on House of Mythology, later this year.


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