A Conversation With Pictoria Vark. The Latest Single From Tess Parks

“How many Parks can you have?” Quipped my producer, adding, “Imaging if Arlo Parks had a new release this week?” A good point. Is it a coincidence that two artists we are raving about both have the name Park(s) featured in this volume? And it happens, yes. Since we first heard I Can’t Bike (last year) from Pictoria Vark we were determined to invite the singer-songwriter from Iowa City onto the show. Then, we received an advance copy of her album, The Parts I Dread, and we were blown away. “Simply put, this has to be one of the best albums so far this year”, we raved. Meanwhile, London-based, Toronto-raised, Tess Parks had been on our radar for some while. Just as we were finalizing our conversation with Pictoria Vark the latest single from Tess arrived.  Do You Pray is another example of why Tess is an artist you need to take notice of. Her latest LP, And Those Who Were Seen Dancing will drop on May 20th. Both artists write exceptional music, they each have a very definite style, and their art cannot be ignored. Listen carefully to what Pictoria/Victoria has to say about her music, touring, and many more topics. Her smile is infectious and comes across on the radio. And, make sure you indulge in the cuts Pictoria selected for the show. As you listen to Tess Parks’ Do You Pray you’ll understand why we will be inviting her to the show for an in-depth conversation. Two brilliant artists who represent the very best of new music, now.

LEM Vol 280