Life Elsewhere Music Vol 281

Two extraordinary court cases took place in the past week, grabbing the headlines yet playing out like fantastical fiction. Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard vs Johnny Deep brimming over with expletive-packed videos, recordings, text messages, and testimony. While QAnon aficionado, Marjorie Taylor Greens affected an unbelievable loss of memory complete with a smug smirk resulting in what could be regarded as high-art parody. Meanwhile, despite the distractions, I managed to review and curate a bumper bundle of new releases for your ears, plus I took a venture into my Reggae archives for a splendid single from the late 70s, suggested by a listener. The show begins with Do You a tasty cut from Ghost Woman out of Arizona. Evan John Uschenko is Ghost Woman and his self-titled LP is definitely worth your time. Perhaps unknowing by Evan, but I do hear a hint of King Hannah in this excellent collection of songs. | Animalweapon is the chosen moniker of Patrick Cortes who hails from Raleigh, North Carolina. His plaintive Summer’s Over (Coda) features Telalit Charsky who along with co-writing this song is also responsible for the exquisite strings. Quite simply the LP, Set Of Constraints is charmingly considered and is best heard in one sitting. | Mammal Sounds have become one of our favorite sources of new music. Except we think that Jez and his cohorts at Mammal have a bit of nerve being so public that they are located at beautiful Bondi Beach! OK, despite Mammal Sounds questionable location – (is it legal to release cool music from a stunning place?) you have to agree they do produce excellent music. For example, listen to Australian producer 44 Ardent with his new single, 95Overflow. An extended disco-mix version would be perfect, complete with a least three dubs. | Next a cut that really took me by surprise, Waves from Lazy Habits. So good! Inspired by a collection of Short Stories by JG Ballard, Lazy Habits set out to create a cinematic soundtrack for the apocalypse. Waves is a call to action – however, the agenda is up to the listener.” They say, adding, “What we consider acceptable behavior doesn’t fit the personalities of everyone. This is about overcoming and learning and to function and live in the world that surrounds us.” Out of the UK, Lazy Habits are a live hip-hop band, I’m told, their productions shake floors and rattle windows. 11 out of 10 for that one! | Lost Boys by French Alps Tiger who are out of Wales. Confused yet? Don’t be. There may be something a little retro here, but the result is a fine example of real rock ’n’ roll. | And Those Who Were Seen Dancing from Tess Parks will drop on May 20th. I’m playing, Do You Pray again as a reminder of why you should indulge in Tess’ latest LP. The very talented Canadian artist, now based in London will be a guest on the show, shortly. | Next, two cuts in a row from the delightfully-named Bloody Crying Twinks. I absolutely love their new LP, Into The Unknown. Bloody Crying Twinks are from Baltimore, Maryland, I discovered their LP on Captain Crook Records out of Eugene, Oregon, then learned that the album came out a year ago as a self-release, I believe. Listen carefully to Couldn’t Wake Him Up, and Happiness 2, send your feedback to | Amy Tucker West originally from Springfield, MA now reside in Raglan, New Zealand says she took a 10-year break from music to work in IT and engineering recruitment, returning to her musical roots in 2013 under the moniker Parabola West. She also adds, “Mostly I write songs about our shared emotions, fears, and hiding places. Sometimes, just about rabbits. I hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as I enjoy creating it. If you find a piece of your story in here, sing it with me.” You’ll hear, The extended mix of New Moon from her LP, Stars Will Light The Way. Nice. | From Italy I found, We Were Never Boring Collective who writes, “We want music to never turn into something boring for us. It would mean that we have become boring. Because music does not die with mp3′s or copyright: boredom is what brings it down when it becomes a habit. All we need is a small do-it-yourself collective, as tiny as a simple smile”. Listen to Agua, a charming story about water from Oh Imanuela which should encourage you to search out more from WWNBC. | Los Lucha are out of Glasgow and on Lazy Death Records, their EP, Tape 2 is a must-listen, as you’ll discover with Slowly Clean. Apart from no doubt messing up the pronunciation of their name, I do recommend you give your full attention to Los Lucha and perhaps you’ll agree there’s the faint ghost of Gram Parsons and uncle Keef circa 1972 there. | The Hand Drawn Dracula label out of Toronto has to be a hive of creative energy as displayed by the new releases by Young Guv with Change Your Mind and Tallies with Hearts Underground. Accomplished artist, Ben Cook aka Young Guv steps into the spotlight with James Mathews V11 on Change Your Mind while Sarah Cogan on vocals, Dylan Frankland on guitars, and Cian O’Neil on drums and percussion perform as Tallies with Hearts Underground grom their LP, Patina. First-class new pop-rock music. | Your email is always important, even if it takes a little time, I read everything that comes in. Colin in South London writes, “Mr. B I love it when you include a rare reggae cut on LEM. If you can, please play something by Lacksley Castell -I heard you play Jah Love Is Sweeter – that voice is so plaintiff and cool” Yes, I agree with Colin, Lacksley or alternately Locksley Castell grew up in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica, at a very young age he had a few successful hits, sadly he died at age 24 from an illness. But he did make a number of memorable recordings, including What A Great Day from 1978/9. My version is on the Fatman imprint from the UK, although like so many Jamaican artists, there are alternate versions available. | Thank you for listening, be well, be safe and as always, be nice. 


  1. Ghost Woman – Do You
  2. Animalweapon – Summer’s Over (Coda) ft. Telalit
  3. 44 Ardent – 95 Overflow
  4. Lazy Habits – Waves
  5. French Alps Tiger – Lost Boys
  6. Tess Parks – Do You Pray
  7. Bloody Crying Twinks – Couldn’t Wake Him Up
  8. Bloody Crying Twinks – Happiness 2
  9. Parabola West – New Moon (Extended Version)
  10. Oh Imanuela – Agua
  11. Los Lucha – Slowly Clean
  12. Young Guv – Change Your Mind
  13. Tallies – Hearts Underground
  14. Locksley Castell – What A Great Day

LEM 282