A Conversation With Tess Parks

What a pleasure to chat with Tess Parks, an artist I have been an unabashed fan of since her 2013 debut album, Blood Hot. You never know where a conversation will go, Tess made that clear from the start as she recalls in her pre-teens being captivated by seeing Oasis live in concert. Liam strutting on stage with an acoustic guitar had a huge impact on Tess. “I thought, I can do that!” Later, when asked to choose music to fit into the show, Tess says, “Does it have to be my own?” Where many artists use the opportunity to wax lyrically about their own work, Tess selects the legendary Bill Withers and a rare cut from gospel/soul artist, Shirley Ann Lee. Tess is not ignoring her own music, instead, she is sharing her thoughts, her feelings, her passion – just as she does so perfectly in her latest LP, And Those Who Were Seen Dancing. The Toronto-based talent is a genuine voice of rock and roll. Listen carefully to what she says and you’ll understand why I’m looking forward to inviting Tess back on the show for more conversations. 


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