Life Elsewhere Music Vol 288

Just as we were putting the final mix together for LEM Vol 288 the news came in of the US Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on Roe Vs. Wade. For more years than you have probably had hot dinners, I have asked the following question on countless talk shows, “How can I, a man have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body?” Not once have I received a viable answer, of course, because there isn’t one.  The details or even a discussion on the ruling do not matter anymore. Everything has now changed. There is a much darker and more dangerous element to the SCOTUS decision. Take a moment to read the opinions of Justice Thomas on the ruling. We are in different times now. You can do something. Make your vote count.

We begin with Implosion by Collapse from Japan, who say they are a shoegaze band, adding, “Whispering voices shimmering sweetly in the overwhelming roaring sea” – kind of sums up what you’ll hear. Black Sheep Is Still Dreaming is their debut album. Worth investigating. | Flowertown is the San Francisco duo of Karina Gill and Mike Ramos. Half Yesterday is the title cut from their latest LP. It’s a fine follow-up to their previous long-player, Time Trials. Flowertown is on the impressive Paisley Shirt imprint. | Out of London comes Wyldest the project of Zoe Mead who tells us about Abilene from her Feed The Flowers Nightmares album. A well-crafted collection of songs. Spot on writing and production. | Lost Echoes do like a powerful throbbing bass, loud drums, and guitars, with the vocals mixed way back as you’ll hear on all the cuts on their Stars LP. We selected Burning Soul from this Portland, Oregon outfit, as its perfect example of what Lost Echoes excel at. | Bean Weevil – what a great name – are according to the info they supplied are a 3 piece Grunge Pop band from Sheffield. Living out their childhood dreams. Fast and loud but not shy of sweet harmony. Influences include The Pixies, The Clash, Joni Mitchell, and Patti Smith. As much as that’s all well and good, Bean Weevil humbly does not shout out about how good their LP, It’s A Song It’s A Song A TV Show is. Be enthralled and intrigued with Salty Mess and you’ll want to hear more. Full marks! | The enterprising Mammal Sounds from down-under know a thing or three about discovering pop talent. Litche with Colour Of You (feat. Anna) is another splendid example. Producer, Litchie says, “Colour of You represents a dream where one person in a relationship is inspired to take on some of the best qualities and “colours” of the other person’s life in an attempt to grow and become a better version of themselves”. Litchie is planning a new EP for release in July. | Here at Life Elsewhere Towers we do like a nice knees-up around the place when we get the opportunity, Nectar out of Champaign, Illinois provided just the right song with Stay. Kamila Glowacki, Aaron Shults, Isabel Skidmore, and Jake Mott are Nectar, their LP No Shadow on Lauren Records is a winner. | By now you should recognize the name, Alex Leonard Donat, this is the energetic fellow who not only runs the exceptional Blackjack Illuminist label, but he also puts out his own music under different monikers including Vlimmer. His latest double-sided single Kronzeuge / It’s No Good deserves your attention. Well done, Alex, apologies for my mangled German. | Over on the south coast of England are three young lads who have been practicing and practicing, keeping the neighbors awake no doubt. All that practice is paying off, they threw a single up on the web machine, and in only a couple of weeks, they’ve had over 43 thousand steams. Yes, it might be a little harder than some cuts I select yet Sonny, Alf & Dom also known as Mindframe have made a compelling single with Monochrome. These fellows have not signed to a label yet, I’m predicting their talent and enthusiasm will change that. | Over in Nashville we find, Lumenette with Wake Up from the debut LP, All Around My Head. This is the work of Christine Byrd and her friends. I’m particularly impressed with the excellent production. Pay careful attention to Lumenette. | Next another top-ranking release via Mammal Sounds, it’s cin with Undone (featuring Holly Hebe). A first taste of producer cin’s second full-length album which is scheduled for release later in the year. Melbourne artist Holly Hebe is on vocals. | Legendary Dead Can Dance vocalist and highly acclaimed film composer Lisa Gerrard has joined forces with Los Angeles-based composer/record producer Marcello De Francisci for the superb album, Exaudia. You’ll hear, Until We Meet Again, from a work borne out of a desire to write something together during Covid, the artists say. We are looking forward to sharing more cuts from Exaudia in future volumes of LEM. | The last cut in this selection, Silver Lining is a small sample from a truly marvelous LP, My Homeland by Syrian artist, Maya Youssef. Brilliant and beautiful. 


  1. Collapse – Implosion
  2. Flowertown – Half Yesterday
  3. Wyldest – Abilene
  4. Lost Echoes – Burning Soul
  5. Bean Weevil – Salty Mess
  6. Litche – Colour Of You (feat. Anna)
  7. Nectar – Stay
  8. Vlimmer – Kronzeuge
  9. Vlimmer – It’s No Good
  10. Mindframe – Monochrome
  11. Lumenette – Wake Up
  12. cin- Undone (featuring Holly Hebe)
  13. Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci – Until We Meet Again
  14. Maya Youssef – Silver Lining

Artwork by Casey Flore “NYT Sunday Style” 2009 giclée print on archival paper 26” x 28” Courtesy of Norman B’s collection