Life Elsewhere Music Vol 289

It’s hurricane season where we live, which means almost like clockwork every afternoon the skies become dark, a tropical storm passes through, the streets are temporarily flooded and the power goes out. Even though we have a backup generator, the time between a power outage and the generator kicking in can be more than enough to interrupt a recording session. After a few failed attempts at recording the full commentary for LEM Vol 289 with a deadline to keep, the decision was made to go with a non-stop mix. July is here and we’re halfway through 2022 so a look back at some of the releases we loved from the past six months is in order. To begin, a gorgeous production from Julia-Sophia with Not Beautiful from her EP, It Feels Like Thunder. The Oxford-based artist says, “I felt like I was pigeonholed to be this rock chick, and I didn’t really know how to do music, so I went along with it.” Listen closely to the intricate stereo effects. Lovely graphics. | The essence of a great pop song is the “hook”. Singer-songwriter, Jesse Adleman has this mastered with Is This Real from his LP, Strangers. Yes, this one has a familiar feel, an almost retro tone – and it works. The constant vibrato on the rhythm guitar is perfect. | Best friends since the age of four, multi-instrumentalists Rosa Hollingworth and Jenny Walton create imaginative and original music that crosses the worlds of experimental pop and progressive weirdness as illustrated by their moniker, Let’s Eat Grandma. They hail from Norwich, their LP, Two Ribbons is a dazzling body of work. The title cut being an excellent example. | In my conversation with David Christian, I asked if he intended to channel the distinctive sound of Nikki Sudden and Dave Kusworth? He wasn’t evasive, he thought it an interesting comparison. You decide as you listen to When I Called Their Names They’d Faded Away from his album, For Those We Met On The Way. | One Morning In August are from County Carlow, Southwest Ireland and these lads certainly know how to write and perform a satisfying pop song as you’ll hear with A Wasted Love. OMIA should not be overlooked. | As I’m tapping this out over in Ukraine more innocent people are dying. Putin’s war continues, the news reports are still coming in, but this horror no longer makes headlines. Time then to revisit Jah Wobble & The Ukrainians (feat. Jon Klein) with Ukrainian National Anthem In Dub. | On Get Better Records we find Lande Hekt with Romantic a 2-track 7” single. This one deserves repeat plays. | Is Out by Pictoria Vark the single of the year? You’d have to go a long way to find anything as so perfect as the urgency in this song. | Then along comes Tess Parks with Do You Pray. This is a practiced singer-songwriter fully in control of her talent. | Massive! As I write Tess is climbing up the charts in the UK! | All of a sudden, Just Mustard is gaining recognition amongst indie programmers. Here at LEM, I have been championing this Irish band for quite a while. Still is so incredibly good. | Being biased about Pela is proven with the accolades Hannah Coombes and Ollie Shelton are receiving lately with the release of their Little Ceremonies EP. This Brighton-based duo is consummate originals creating superb music. Tell Me is possibly my latest favorite cut, although I recommend you delve into their catalog and enjoy Pela’s exquisite music. | Josh Idhen has been a regular on LEM since the beginning. The man has been involved with and made so many splendid releases, he never disappoints. With Don’t You Give Up On Me, Josh once again gives us the full slate of his poetry and his singing abilities. He is a star. | OK, this one is a little bit of a teaser, we have not played Noya Rao on LEM before. Their EP, North came to my attention a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been wanting to get a cut on the show for you. Cards is one of the excellent cuts from this Leeds-based group. They say they make “Synth-drenched, futuristic soul”, I say, Olivia Bhattacharjee, Tom Henry, Matt Davies, Chris Dagger, and Beth O’Lenahan make music I want to include on LEM, often. Simply gorgeous music. | Darling from Australia makes excellent music, their double-sided single Illusions/Isolating shows Caitlin Finn & Joel Glazebrook in fine form. Isolating they say explores a decaying relationship caused by a disintegrating individual who isolates themself from reality and the people who love them. Darling is on 4000 Records an independent artist-led record label with a strong focus on collaborating with Brisbane creatives. We like that. 


  1. Julia-Sophia – Not Beautiful
  2. Jesse Adelman – Is This Real
  3. Let’s Eat Grandma – Two Ribbons
  4. David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra – When I Called Their Names They’d Faded Away
  5. One Morning In August – A Wasted Love
  6. Jah Wobble & The Ukrainians (feat. Jon Klein) – Ukrainian National Anthem In Dub
  7. Lande Hekt – Romantic
  8. Pictoria Vark – Out
  9. Tess Parks – Do You Pray
  10. Just Mustard – Still
  11. Pela – Tell Me
  12. Josh Idehen – Don’t You Give Up On Me
  13. Noya Rao – Cards
  14. Darling – Isolating

Artwork by Angus Dunne “Bad Chair” 2022 giclée print on archival paper 25” x 25” Courtesy of Norman B’s collection