A Zero Diddly Squat Conversation With The Shend

In keeping with the Dadaesque spirit of The Shend and his work with Anzahlung, along with The Cravats, The Babymen, DCL Locomotive, The Very Things, and certainly a few more, we could not resist using an absurd redundant headline. As you will hear in the lyrics for What You Think Is All You’ve Got, the title cut for Anzahlung’s second album, “Diddly Squat” as spat out – er – sung by The Shend makes perfect sense. In fact, we maintain this new platter from Mr. Shend and his coconspirator, Joe 91 is not only a fine effort it’s also by far their most relatable collection of songs. “Succubus swing & Doom disco” offers The Shend during our conversation. And yes, there are some serious toe-tapping beats going on here. The creation of the latest Anzahlung LP is explained in modest restraint as are the sightings of The Spend’s theoretical neighbor, Sting. There are a lot of tongue-in-cheek references, yet there’s also an obvious tenderness behind that almost gruff Brummie demeanor as you’ll hear when The Shend speaks fondly of Mark Astronaut’s passing. All the same, everything is open to ridicule in the eyes of The Shend and Joe 91, their essential sardonic English humor cannot be abated. The Shend selected the music throughout the interview, including cuts from Anzahlung’s new LP and Not Doing It by The Astronauts in tribute to the sad passing of Mark Astronaut. Seriously, it’s heart-warming chatting to The Shend, he’s a lovely fellow. Enjoy our zero diddly squat conversation. 

To close the show an exceptional remix of The Specials’ classic, Ghost Town. This one is part of the Refix series from Berlin-based DJ, Pj Bridger

LEM 293