Life Elsewhere Music Vol 295 – A Conversation With Maram & Con


How often do creative people write a concise bio about themselves that clearly explains who they are? Hardly ever. Then along come, Maram & Con. These are their words: “From friends to lovers, to teammates in marriage, to partners in music. Maram & Con is a duo from Port Townsend, WA consisting of Conor Sisk and Maram Arifi. The duo was created during the isolating years of COVID after joining a club for musicians that enabled them to create songs every week as a pastime (Friday Night Song Club). marCo is their first album which was recorded at their home studio (in their living room). The album consists of an eclectic variety of songs that are a reflection of many genres. They have a four-year-old named Rohan, and are expecting another baby in September. There is so much more music to come out of this dynamic duo!” When you listen to our conversation you’ll understand why we couldn’t improve on Maram & Con’s self-penned bio. Unabashedly, we want you to know, they are talented, delightful, and charming, and they have created a very special album with marCo. Enjoy their enthusiasm for each other and their music.

We begin the show with The Orbiting Object by Young Moon from the album, Paraverbal Orchids. This is the work of Trevor Montgomery who says, “I live on the south island of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Paraverbal: being nonverbal communicationOrchid: a plant with complex flowers that are often showy or bizarrely shaped, having a large specialized lip (labellum) and frequently a spur.” Excellent work, Mr. Montgomery. | 12 Missed Calls are out of Montreal. Is It My Eye? Is It Your Light? Is from their LP, Sunset Today. Steve Clarkson is on instruments, samples, and programming and Michèle Katrina Thorsen is on vocals, lyrics, and poems. Interesting work. | Rebecca May, Kristina Bergman, and Kendra Robayo use the moniker, Lady Lips. They are out of Connecticut, their LP, Cat Eat Dog has a variety of songs, including French Monkey which reminds us of Lizzy Mercier Descloux. We recommend you also check out, Fourth of July.  


  1. Young Moon – The Orbiting Object
  2. 12 Missed Calls – Is It My Eye? Is It Your Light?
  3. Lady Lips – French Monkey
  4. Maram & Con – Recherché
  5. Maram & Con – Snake
  6. Maram & Con – Phase For Me
  7. Maram & Con – It’s All About You

Artwork by Julia Stephens “Accidental dog” – from the larger work, “Ajan #3″ acrylic on canvas 4′ x 5′.3” 1999. From Norman B’s collection. To see the accidental dog, hold the image at arm’s length