Education & Religion With Phil Allen Jr. Backyard Birding With Joan E. Strassmann


We invited Phil Allen Jr. onto the show to talk about his new book, The Prophetic Lens – The Camera And Black Moral Agency From MLK To Darnella Frazier. Very quickly it was clear we were running out of time, yet there was much more to discuss with Phil. A second Zoom conversation was scheduled to delve into two issues he is passionate about, Education and Religion. Phil Allen Jr. explains how and why his life changed when he realized he had had a spiritual awakening. Being cognizant of the world around him, Phil doesn’t preach about his faith, instead, he has chosen to explain and educate. His observations and viewpoint are critical to how he conducts his everyday life, including taking time for a daily run with a playlist of spiritual, soul, and  R & B music. Our conversation touches on today’s politics, especially the case of Hershel Walker and how his run for office is so distressing. Listen carefully to what Phil Allen Jr. has to say, he is a terrific communicator. 

“It has taken me 30 years to write this book.” Announced Joan E. Strassmann when asked about her process of writing, Slow Birding – The Art And Science Of Enjoying Birds In Your Own Backyard. Ms. Strassmann explains it has been a labor of love, yet there is so much more to learn and share. Slow Birding is a charming and fascinating read, packed full of details and advice on birding in your own backyard. Strassmann tells colorful stories of the most common birds to be found in the United States –  birds we often see but might not have considered deeply before. For example, northern cardinals thrive in the city, where they are free from predators. White brows on a male white-throated sparrow indicate that he is likely to be a philanderer. In fact, the sometimes complicated sex lives of birds are an essential part of Slow Birding. For evolutionary biologist, Joan E. Strassmann understanding the intimate escapades of backyard birds is crucial, as is nature’s seemingly cruel lead on predatory behavior. She emphasizes this with a sharp rebuke of feeding feral cats, “Even if you don’t see them in action, I can assure you, cats will attack and eat the birds in your backyard!

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