Life Elsewhere Music Vol 317


What a lot of wonderful releases I have for you in LEM Vol 317, and as usual we continue to defy genres as you’ll hear. 

Fazerdaze – Flood Into

To begin a new release from Amelia Murray otherwise known as Fazerdaze with Flood Into. I’ve been assured that Christchurch, New Zealand is a marvelous place, as this is the home of Fazerdaze I’m thinking I need to visit there, sooner than later. Amelia wrote and produced Flood Into, Kat Tomacruz is on cello, and Andrea Holmes plays drums. Top marks!

Jaus – Fields

Next a new Shoegaze band out of Mexico City, Jaus. Fields is the single with Emilio (Guitar/ Voice), Rodrigo (Bass and arrangements), Ulises (Lead Guitar), Carlos (drums), and Giovani (synths), plus these talented lads are on the always enterprising Shoredive imprint. Turn the volume up for this one to capture the very smart production.

The Subtheory – Cut To Black

The Subtheory gives us Cut To Black, a song that surprised me with the first play. For some unexplainable reason, I expected Cut To Black to unfold differently. But, as it happens I’m so pleased The Subtheory went in the direction they did. It works, very well. Certainly melancholic, yet spirited.  

Deary – Fairground (Saint Etienne Meets Augustin Bousfield At The Top Of Town Mix)

Back in LEM Vol 315 I raved about Deary, a duo from London. Dottie is the singer and guitarist with instrumentalist, Ben. I recommended you keep an ear on Deary, well it would appear others have taken notice too. Their new Fairground EP features the original single along with three remixes, including Saint Etienne Meets Augustin Bousfield At The Top Of Town Mix, which is glorious. In love remixes and Deary’s EP is a gem.

Joshua Idehen – Best Kind Of Lost

Some artists’ releases come with a certificate of amazing quality. Our dear friend, Josh Idehen, quite possibly the hardest working fella in the music biz sent us his latest release, Best Kind Of Lost. With the sound file came a note which reads, “I made this track about a great day I had with my partner and I thought I’d share it with you”. The thing is, Josh is such a sincere human being, he writes words from his heart, from his life experiences, and he writes with passion. We are honored to be able to share his music and words with you.

Smoke M2D6 – William Shatner

The Northwest Hip Hop Beat Maker, producer, and, rapper takes inspiration from William Shatner himself. The 90-year-old Star Trek actor became the oldest person on earth to travel into space. On his return to this planet, Shatner is reported to have said a number of things that Smoke M2D6 says after extensive research he uncovered what the aging actor actually said. Now, if you believe any of that, I have a space rocket to sell you. The single is on K Records so you know it has to be good.

Treepeople – No Doubt

Here is a cut from an important band from the Pacific Northwest as the 80s crossed into the 90s who were a major influence on acts like Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab For Cutie, Built To Spill, and more. The remastered version of their classic album, Guilt, Regret, and Embarrassment is available now on K Records. And, I think you’ll agree, this one stands up to the test of time.

Calvin Johnson – Sugar On Sunday

There is so much to tell you about Calvin, a good place to start is the conversation I had with the boss of K Records. Here is Calvin Johnson in fine form with Sugar On Sunday from his upcoming LP, Gallows Wine. I know you’ll have questions about this song, you are advised to download the Podcast and listen again, and again. 

Fhae – Love You

This one caught my attention immediately, the album, Sombre Thorax has been on repeat play at LE Tower for a week or so. This is the work of Ellana Ramsey, a 20-year-old out of Brisbane, who says Sombre Thorax is about a turbulent pilgrimage through their adolescence. I love what Fhae is doing. Fhae is on the very fine 4000 Records, a label you need to investigate. 

Marlody – These Doubts

Hailing from Ashford in Kent, UK, Marlody is an artist I have already given a big thumbs up to. Her debut LP, I’m Not Sure At All is on Skep Wax and as you will hear from These Doubts, Marlody deserves your careful attention. Beautifully arranged and performed. 

1tbsp – Four Tet Is My Grandmother

When a sound file arrives courtesy of those good folks down under at Mammal Sounds I will admit to always rolling up the carpet and get ready for a bout of spasmodic gesticulating (dancing) all over the place. From their It’s Very Loud EP, 1tbsp brings us Four Tet Is My Grandmother. Truly magnificent. The reference to Four Tet is a nice way of saying the history of electronica should never be undervalued. Oh, this is so good. Being old enough to have visited Paradise Garage on many sweat-drenched nights I can report 1tbsp’s It’s Very Loud EP would have fitted in so well. 

SND & RTN (ft. Tenor Youthman) – Whitney Houston + Version

From my days as a club DJ, I soon learned you could take the crowd higher and higher, but you had to be super careful in how you slowed things down. Whitney Houston from SND & RTN (ft. Tenor Youthman) is a fabulous way to segue into a more chill session. As this masterful work has an exquisite Version, you could make the intimate dance last until the grooving bodies meld into each other.

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Fazerdaze – Flood Into

Jaus – Fields

The Subtheory – Cut To BlackNew Music

Deary – Fairground (Saint Etienne Mix)

Josh Idehen – Best Kind Of Lost

SmokeM2D6_William Shatner


Calvin Johnson – Sugar On Sunday

Fhae – Love You

Marlody – These Doubts

1tbsp – Four Tet Is My Grandmother

SND & RTN (ft. Tenor Youthman) – Whitney Houston

SND & RTN (ft. Tenor Youthman) – Whitney Version



Artwork by Norman B “Loft interior #6” 35” x 38” detail Kodachrome print. Courtesy of Norman B’s collection