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The Life Elsewhere Predictions Show

A Caricature For President was the title of our 16th of August, 2015 edition of Life Elsewhere. We were being smart-alecks, ironic perhaps. Our intent was to focus in on how crazy things had become in the world of politics and in turn, how talented caricaturists and political commentators like Steve Brodner were having a field day. Looking back now,

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Chatting with Bob & Steve: The Oscars, Sympathy For The Loneliest President & Upsetting Martha Stewart

Two regular contributors to Life Elsewhere join Norman B to chat about everything from the extraordinary mess-up at the Oscars to pissing off Martha Stewart. Noted film and media critic, Bob Ross weighs in with his take on the relevance of the Oscars and asks, “Do movies cause social ills?” Esteemed political caricaturist and social commentator, Steve Brodner wonders if

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Acclaimed caricaturist Steve Brodner was commissioned by The Village Voice to live-illustrate the antics onstage at the Republican National Convention – covering everyone from Rudy Giuliani and Antonio Sabato Jr. to Rick Perry and Donald Trump himself. Brodner, a frequent commentator on Life Elsewhere put down his sketchpad and pencils for a few moments to share some of his adroit observations. You’ll hear what

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Someone Defaced This Lovely House In My Lovely Neighborhood

Although we prefer to avoid political commentary at Life Elsewhere, certain events and issues can dictate where a topic or interview will go. For instance, back in October of last year, we couldn’t resist asking, (albeit with a nod and a wink), if a Caricature Could Be President. We called upon the expertese of acclaimed political caricaturist, Steve Brodner to

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The Year At Life Elsewhere

2015 was an eventful year at Life Elsewhere. We covered a vast array of topics and interviewed a stellar line-up of guests. Beginning in January, Norman B proclaimed Unbecoming, the debut novel by Rebecca Scherm, “One of the best books this year!” Sadly, the year had only just got underway, when news arrived of the death of George Romansic, an important figure in

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