Someone Defaced This Lovely House In My Lovely Neighborhood


Although we prefer to avoid political commentary at Life Elsewhere, certain events and issues can dictate where a topic or interview will go. For instance, back in October of last year, we couldn’t resist asking, (albeit with a nod and a wink), if a Caricature Could Be President. We called upon the expertese of acclaimed political caricaturist, Steve Brodner to give his opinion. We knew Steve wouldn’t fail to regale us with his sardonic wit, but behind our chuckles, there was a serious question. The specter of an inarticulate toupee-wearing vulgarian actually being nominated as a Presidential candidate was beyond daunting, it was downright scary. And now, here we are, just four months away from what will be a historical GOP convention, (for all the wrong reasons), and the short-digit bloviator is the front runner. The occupants of the house pictured above are most likely reasonable people and from the size and location of their home, they are probably successful. Yet, they must also fall into the category of “not happy with the establishment”. By showing their support for a reality TV personality they are announcing to their quiet, peaceful, well-manicured neighborhood, they want a change…at any cost!

In the next edition of Life Elsewhere instead of woefully agonizing over the ignorance on display by supporters of the orange-faced misogynistic race-baiter, we’re taking a stand by presenting a carefully curated selection of exceptional new music. Who knows what the outcome of the next Presidential election will be? Whatever the result, there most certainly will be times when an enjoyable diversion is needed. What better than a glorious selection of new music to while away the hours as the political discourse becomes completely unbearable. Make sure you don’t miss a compendium of new releases that will still retain their glossy sheen after November 8.

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