Steve Brodner for The Village Voice
Steve Brodner for The Village Voice

Acclaimed caricaturist Steve Brodner was commissioned by The Village Voice to live-illustrate the antics onstage at the Republican National Convention – covering everyone from Rudy Giuliani and Antonio Sabato Jr. to Rick Perry and Donald Trump himself. Brodner, a frequent commentator on Life Elsewhere put down his sketchpad and pencils for a few moments to share some of his adroit observations. You’ll hear what Steve Brodner has to say about the GOP convention on the next edition of Life Elsewhere. Meanwhile,  here is a reminder of Steve’s critical eye and acerbic wit from a Life Elsewhere interview, one year ago, when Mr. Trump announced his intention to run for President.

Spartan Jet-Plex
Spartan Jet-Plex

“I discovered Nancy Kells by accident…hold up…make that by good fortune!” Says Norman B, “You see, Nancy is a talented and prolific singer-songwriter and if there is any justice left in the world she will soon be jettisoned into worldwide acclaim by a clever forward-thinking agent/manager/promoter.” Nancy currently goes under the moniker of Spartan Jet-PLex and it was her track Meant that caught Norman’s attention as he did his daily scouring around online releases. This, in turn, led to an interview with James Smith of Fox Food Records, the UK label Nancy is on. James raved on about Spartan Jet-Plex which in turn prompted us to find out more about the musician from Virginia who appears to spend almost her every waking hour producing constantly wonderful music. We made contact with Nancy Kells and she responded with, as she says, probably one of the longest emails you’ll ever receive. Long it was, but beautifully full with lots of pertinent information and links to her many different musical projects and musicians she admires. We didn’t need any more persuading, Nancy Kells will join us for the next edition of Life Elsewhere. Here is a sneak preview of Spartan Jet-Plex.

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Steve Brodner’s illustration for The Village Voice is used by kind permission of Mr. Brodner

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