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The Soccer Fan & An Alternate View

Felicia Pennant is possibly the most exuberant guest we have ever had the pleasure of inviting onto Life Elsewhere. When you hear Felicia rave on about the sport that inspired her to start a magazine, don’t be surprised if you too become a soccer fan. Felicia, a devoted Chelsea fan took a fashion course at St. Martins School of Art in London and wrote her graduating thesis on Fashion and Soccer. A brilliant combination that triggered the creation of Season Zine. It’s a cross between a fashion magazine and a football zine.”  Says Felicia, adding, Season is named after the shared time division, it reveals the experiences and rituals of fashion and football fans. Their perspectives on the world’s most popular sport are explored in thoughtful and intimate ways, focusing on why these fans care and what they wear.” Felicia Pennant, Season Zine, creator, and editor,  joins us for the next edition of Life Elsewhere.

Robyn Walensky

Robyn Walensky

In the past year, we’ve had a number of trusted, informed commentators on the show to give their two cents worth on the antics and contradictions of Mr. Trump. But, as the days roll on and the General Election looms closer, the division between the parties and the opinions of the electorate grow further apart. Although we try to shy away from taking a political stand at Life Elsewhere, we will admit that the guests and topics we choose do suggest a certain bias. Yet, we are honestly confused by the hostility toward the Democratic Party, Mrs. Clinton, and President Obama. In an attempt to try to understand the appeal of Mr. Trump and the fierce opposition to Mrs. Clinton, et al, we invited Robyn Walensky, senior news anchor at the Blaze radio network to give us her take on why Donald Trump and the Republican agenda would be a better choice in the General Election.

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The Year At Life Elsewhere

2015 was an eventful year at Life Elsewhere. We covered a vast array of topics and interviewed a stellar line-up of guests. Beginning in January, Norman B proclaimed Unbecoming, the debut novel by Rebecca Scherm, “One of the best books this year!” Sadly, the year had only just got underway, when news arrived of the death of George Romansic, an important figure in the early Seattle music scene. Norman gave a moving tribute. Photojournalist, Lynsey Addario recounted her graphic stories from the front-line inAfghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur and the Congo in her book, It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War. A fitting subtitle for an investigative book on the “plush toys”, better known as Beanie Babies could be The Dark Side of Cute, bestselling author, Zac Bissonnette gave us the detailsEverything you want to know, everything you didn’t know about David Bowie’s songs, were explained by Chris O’Leary the author of Rebel RebelThat’s Not English said Erin Moore in her book on Britishisms, Americanisms, and What Our English Says About Us. The legendary Wreckless Eric told stories about his early days at Stiff records. Comedy writer Jon Macks reflected on Monologue: What Makes America Laugh Before Bed. Growing up in the delta of Arkansas, Brandon Wallace, knew only two things about himself: he was called to ministry and he was attracted to the same sex. He talked about coming out and his book, Straight-Face The curious case of Sepp Blatter and FIFA was clarified by Eight By Eight creator Robert Priest. Talented Norwegian singer-songwriter Siv Jakobsen entertained with her music and observations. Heavy Metal guitarist, Marty Friedman talked frankly about life after Megadeth. Award-winning wildlife expert, Gareth Patterson spoke lovingly of his work with African lions and the death of Cecil. Frank Jenkinson shared memories of shooting photos of the then-fledgling and later influential British band, Killing Joke. British-American musician Zuzu caught Norman B’s attention, resulting in an engaging interview. And to round out our year at Life Elsewhere, acclaimed caricaturist Steve Brodner gave his definitive appraisals of the GOP Presidential candidates. 

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The Bare Facts, Again.

MJ bottom

Naked at Lunch: A Reluctant Nudist’s Adventures in the Clothing-Optional World, the new book from Mark Haskell Smith, the main subject of the latest edition of Life Elsewhere has resulted in a lot of visits to this site and numerous enquiries as to how to hear the interview again. Our show goes out every Sunday at 12 noon ET on The Source, WMNF HD3 and every Monday at 5.00pm PT on NWCZ Radio. But, if you happen to miss those times, you can find our three most recent shows up on Soundcloud. To hear shows from our archives, send your request to

Past shows have included a conversation with Patrick O’Neil, the ex-roadie-junkie-bank robber and author of the brilliant memoir, Gun, Needle, SpoonMargot Bennett‎, Executive Director at Women Against Gun Violence on gun culture in America. Robert Priest, founder and editor of Eight By Eight, the dazzlingly creative magazine devoted to the beautiful game – soccer on the Power, Corruption & Lies of FIFA. Former banker at J P Morgan, Michelle Miller talked about her debut novel, The UnderwritingCatherine Hyde, Regional Director of PFLAG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and mother of a transgender child on the media blitz surrounding Caitlyn Jenner. Matthew Collin on his new new book, Pop Grenade: From Public Enemy to Pussy Riot – Dispatches from Musical Frontlines. Plus a lot of new music including, Lyves, Tabitha Tamara, Miso and Sorcha Richardson.

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Important & Enlightening Interviews

In the last edition of Life Elsewhere, our special guest was Robert PriestFounder and Editor of Eight By Eight the dazzlingly creative magazine devoted to the beautiful game – soccer. We invited Robert onto the show  to help us understand all about the Power, Corruption & Lies that brought FIFA and the unlikely named Sepp Blatter into the world’s headlines. Just hours before Robert was on the show, the controversial Mr. Blatter had been re-elected and we played a sound-bite of his odd acceptance speech. This was quickly followed by soccer aficionado Robert Priest predicting, “a lot more indictments were about to happen” and “this is just the beginning”. Less than a week later, Sepp Blatter had resigned and more arrests and scandalous stories continued to make world-wide headlines. Although Life Elsewhere is not a news program, we are always ahead of the pack, with our commentators and commentaries.

Catherine HydeThis week we continue with that distinction by inviting onto the show Catherine Hyde, Regional Director of PFLAG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Catherine also happens to be the parent of a 22-year old trans young woman. The headlines across all media outlets were ablaze with wall-to-wall coverage of Bruce transitioning to Cailtyn Jenner and the sensational Vanity Fair cover. Our rule of thumb at Life Elsewhere is stay away from the exploitive stories, focussing instead on the human aspect. We wanted to hear Catherine Hyde’s take on the media blitz surrounding Caitlyn and how it affected her and her daughter. Catherine speaks openly, honestly and yes, emotionally about her life as a parent of a trans child. She talks about her reaction to the Caitlyn Jenner story. Catherine also offers input and wisdom to parents of trans children and most importantly, she offers insight into how we all can better understand our transgender brothers and sisters – and children. Because we feel this is such an important issue, we have devoted  large portion of the show to our interview with Catherine Hyde. We urge you not to miss this important and enlightening interview. 

Later in the program we bring you this week’s Hit That Never Was, featuring Mink De Ville. And Norman B introduces you to new music from Sorcha Richardson, a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, by way of Ireland. London based R & B singer-songwriter, Clara La San and a brand new Australian duo who go by the name of Aiya. Let us know what you think of the new music discoveries and our interviews, send your emails to:

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What’s In It For Me

The Hit That Never Was is the popular weekly musical interlude where listeners take over and select a piece of music they think deserved to get more attention. This week, aspiring architect Delphina, wrote to us with flattering comments about Life Elsewhere and asked to hear What’s In It For Me from Bows & Arrows, the 2004 album by The Walkmen. Delphina says in her email that she saw the band live once and believes they should have been (or still could be) huge. She emphasizes “huge” by repeating the word about 20 times! We agree, and are delighted to play a big favorite at the Life Elsewhere offices. If you would like to get your Hit That Never Was on the show, this what you do, send an email with a little info about yourself and why you think your selection deserves to be heard, to:

Also in the program, Robert PriestFounder and Editor of Eight By Eight the dazzlingly creative and premier magazine devoted to the beautiful game of soccer, helps us understand all about the Power, Corruption & Lies that brought FIFA and the unlikely-named Sepp Blatter into the world’s headlines this week.

Plus, former banker at J P Morgan, Michelle Miller talks about her debut novel, The Underwriting. corporate thriller that takes place at Hook, an online dating start -up, where a high-stakes deal pitches the power of Wall Street against the savvy of Silicon Valley – until a young woman’s death threatens to topple it all.

Life Elsewhere airs every Sunday at 12 noon ET on The Source WMNF HD3 and Mondays at 5.00pm PT at NWCZ Radio



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