What’s In It For Me

The Hit That Never Was is the popular weekly musical interlude where listeners take over and select a piece of music they think deserved to get more attention. This week, aspiring architect Delphina, wrote to us with flattering comments about Life Elsewhere and asked to hear What’s In It For Me from Bows & Arrows, the 2004 album by The Walkmen. Delphina says in her email that she saw the band live once and believes they should have been (or still could be) huge. She emphasizes “huge” by repeating the word about 20 times! We agree, and are delighted to play a big favorite at the Life Elsewhere offices. If you would like to get your Hit That Never Was on the show, this what you do, send an email with a little info about yourself and why you think your selection deserves to be heard, to: hitthatneverwas@lifeelsewhere.co

Also in the program, Robert PriestFounder and Editor of Eight By Eight the dazzlingly creative and premier magazine devoted to the beautiful game of soccer, helps us understand all about the Power, Corruption & Lies that brought FIFA and the unlikely-named Sepp Blatter into the world’s headlines this week.

Plus, former banker at J P Morgan, Michelle Miller talks about her debut novel, The Underwriting. corporate thriller that takes place at Hook, an online dating start -up, where a high-stakes deal pitches the power of Wall Street against the savvy of Silicon Valley – until a young woman’s death threatens to topple it all.

Life Elsewhere airs every Sunday at 12 noon ET on The Source WMNF HD3 and Mondays at 5.00pm PT at NWCZ Radio



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