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“Evening All”

hi001263351.jpgFrom 1955 to 1976, each episode began with the genial London bobby, effecting a modest salute as he said, “Evening All”. That opening line became a British household phrase, which lives on to this day as a jocular greeting. It was the BBC TV series, Dixon of Dock Green,  supposedly about daily life at a London police station, with the emphasis on petty crime, successfully controlled through common sense and human understanding. The central character was a mature and sympathetic police constable, George Dixon, played by Jack Warner in all of the 432 episodes. The policeman portrayed in Dixon is a far cry from fictional or real-life officers of the law today. The juxtaposition between real and crime-thriller police are discussed in the next edition of Life Elsewhere. Bestselling author Peter DixonJames joins host, Norman B to talk about his latest book, the tenth in the Roy Grace detective-thriller series. James offers thought-provoking observations about police procedures, criminal minds and the more innocent times of Dixon of Dock Green. Be sure not to miss the early part of the interview when Peter James and Norman B share their respective experiences with stalkers!

Lizzy Mercier DesclouxThis week’s Hit That Never Was features French No Wave cult artist, Lizzy Mercier Descloux with her cover of Arthur Brown’s Fire. The musician, singer-songwriter, composeractress, writer and painter, became involved in the Punk and New Wave, met with up Patti Smith and Richard Hell when visiting New York in 1975. She moved to New York 1977 and became a name in the No Wave movement. Despite being bankrolled at one time by Island Records’ Chris Blackwell, she never really had much success in the US and moved back to France. In the mid 90’s she moved to Corsica and devoted herself to painting and to writing an unpublished novel. In 2003, she was diagnosed with cancer, from which she died the following year. Fire is from her 1979 album Press Color, but you can also find it on a 2003 reissue featuring tracks from others sessions.

Its Holiday time, so what better than a brand new song for the season?Lola Dutronic are a multi-lingual Electro Pop duo consisting of Toronto-based producer/composer Richard Citroen and Dusseldorf-based vocalist Stephanie B. Their latest single “The Christmas Disco” is a teaser from their new album “Lost In Translation” which will be released in the Spring of 2015. 

Also in the program, Norman B selects two music choices he thinks are worthy of making a Best of ListFirst up, Lydia Ainsworth with a version of a song covered by so many people, Chris Isaak’s, Wicked Game. Hailing from Canada, Ainsworth‘s album Right From Realwould make a fine Holiday gift. Coincidentally, so would the latest album from our other north-of-the-border favorite, the talented and charming Barzin with his excellent Something I Have Not Done Is Following Me. We encourage you to start your Monday with the very best in Art, Media & Culture: Life Elsewhere. And, if you happen to miss the program live, you can go to Stitcher to hear the Podcast.

Life Elsewhere airs Monday at 9.00am ET 

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Creative Direction, British Style, Surfing, Illustration, Minimal Design and A Wish List!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.10.42 AM

Go to BACK. to discover the latest links to creative direction, British style, surfing, illustration, minimal design and what’s on Norman B’s Holiday wish list.

Next up on Life Elsewhere, best-selling author Peter James talks about his latest book Want You Dead, the tenth in the Roy Grace detective-thriller series. James is a fascinating guest who will share his opinions on the intricacies of police work and criminal minds.

Plus, a listener selects Lizzy Mercier Descloux  for the latest Hit That Never Was. And, we’ll present a surprise Holiday release from Lola DutronicThe Christmas Disco.

Life Elsewhere airs Monday at 9.00am ET 

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Holiday Gifts!

In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere, our distinguished panel of experts offered their suggestions for our Annual Christmas Gift Special. Each guest was asked to select three books and one non-book gift. Their choices were as different as they were intriguing.

Peter James, best-selling author of the Roy Grace detective-thriller series:


The Burning Room – Michael Connelly

A Year In The Life Of Downton Abbey – Jessica Fellowes

Practical Homicide Investigation – Vernon J Geberth

Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker

Robert Newman, esteemed creative director and influential design consultant:


Separate Cinema: The First 100 Years of Black Poster Art – edited by John Duke Kirsch

Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression – Richard Havers

Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas, Divas, and Dealers Plotted Against the Plague – Joyce Brabner, illustrated by Mark Zingarelli

Donation to Ferguson Memorial Public Library

Mark Haskell-Smith, author of five novels and the forthcoming Naked at Lunch: A Reluctant Nudist’s Adventures in the Clothing-Optional World

The Moor’s Account – Laila Lalami

Pen & Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them – Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, with More than 500 Recipes – David Kaplan

Hiut Denim

David UlinLos Angeles Times book critic and author of The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time

Citizen: An American Lyric – Claudia Rankine

Gabriel: A Poem – Edward Hirsch

Suspended Sentences: Three Novellas – Patrick Modiano

Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Happy Holidays! Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 9.12.26 AMListen to Life Elsewhere Podcasts here

Tribute To Ian McLagan – Listen Again

Ian McLagan & Norman B

Ian McLagan & Norman B

In the latest edition of Life Elsewhere, Norman B payed tribute to Ian McLagan. A truly lovely man who tragically died from a massive stroke last Wednesday, December 3. Just over a week prior, Norman B aired on Life Elsewhere part one of his in-depth conversations with Ian, recorded earlier this year. The chats with Mac came about because the two silver-haired, ex-art students had met up at a charity event and began reminiscing about their days growing up in the early 60’s in the same area of London and attending the same college. “Let’s get this down on tape, so people can learn about what it was like in those days.” Said Ian. The result were almost three hours of spirited conversation, with Mac talking candidly about his early life, becoming a pop-star, drugs, life on the road with The Rolling Stones, and the sad death of his wife. To date, less than one hour of Norman B’s exclusive interview with Ian McLagan has been aired. In this edition of Life Elsewhere, Norman gives a moving tribute to his old art school friend and airs previously unaired selections from his poignant conversations with Mac. The full (almost) three hours of conversations with the legendary keyboard-played will be made available through this site, please check back often for details.

Listen to Life Elsewhere Podcasts here

Also in this edition of Life Elsewhere, a distinguished panel of “gifting” experts offer their suggestions for our Annual Christmas Gift Special. We asked each of them to choose three books and one non-book gift, and explain their choices. You’ll hear smart, entertaining and fascinating ideas from Peter James, best-selling author of the Roy Grace detective-thriller series; Robert Newman, esteemed creative director and influential design consultant; David UlinLos Angeles Times book critic and author of The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time, and Mark Haskell-Smith, author of five novels and the forthcoming Naked at Lunch: A Reluctant Nudist’s Adventures in the Clothing-Optional World.

And now a gift for you: The one-of-a-kind Life Elsewhere Holiday Gift Mix.Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 9.12.26 AM Our own Norman B has searched through his vast collection and created a blend of music you’re not likely to hear anywhere else. From rare Jamaican dub plates to obscure independent artists and the occasional found sound. If you revel in real eclectic mixes that’ll prompt your friends to ask, “Where on earth did you find this stuff?”, this is the one for you. To get your copy, we ask only that you make a donation of any amount to Life ElsewhereSimply click on the “Make A Donation”button to the right of this page. In return, we’ll send you a special code to unlock and download the Life Elsewhere Holiday Gift Mix. But don’t delay, the Gift Mix will only be available for a limited time. Thank you for supporting Life Elsewhere.

The Annual Holiday Gift Special

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