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Reader’s Choice.

Life Elsewhere has fast become the go-to place for authors, publishers and book-lovers. We know this, thanks to the clever-clogs at WordPress, who are masterful at extrapolating data. The stats show that Life Elsewhere is linked, visited, and searched by an unusually high percentage of people who author, publish and read books. Going deeper into the traffic results, we discovered

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A Must-Read Book, A Hit That Never Was & A Tribute To Ian

Next on Life Elsewhere, Norman B interviews Rebecca Scherm, the author of Unbecoming: A Novel. In his introduction he says of her debut novel, “This is a book that forced me to read slowly, as I realized I was reaching the end, there were only a few pages to go, I deliberately slowed down, I wanted to savor every single line, every

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Next On Life Elsewhere

The number of listeners who checked out Life Elsewhere in December reached an all-time high, according to the official stats. More people listened to our show about Art, Media and Culture as we neared the end of the year than ever before. We’d like to think all those new listeners to Life Elsewhere agree with this accolade from acclaimed New

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