Reader’s Choice.

Life Elsewhere has fast become the go-to place for authors, publishers and book-lovers. We know this, thanks to the clever-clogs at WordPress, who are masterful at extrapolating data. The stats show that Life Elsewhere is linked, visited, and searched by an unusually high percentage of people who author, publish and read books. Going deeper into the traffic results, we discovered that the favorite book mentioned at Life Elsewhere, for 2014,  was Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. This came partly as a surprise, because this book was only mentioned once on the program, when regular contributor and acclaimed creative director, Robert Newman selected Humans of New York for his Christmas Gift selection for 2013. We deduced a few certainties from this information, 1) Readers and listeners of Life Elsewhere pay careful attention. 2) You like big books with lots of pictures. 3) Robert Newman did a convincing job explaining why you need to get a copy.

It’ll be interesting to review the stats and data for 2015. We already know that one book we have featured is on the must-have shopping list for a number of Life Elsewhere devotees. Here’s an example from one of a few emails we received about Unbecoming: A Novel by Rebecca SchermI just ordered her book after I read your recommendation and comments” wrote Jean, from Seattle. Thank you Jean and everyone else who showed interest in Rebecca Scherm and her debut novel. We have an incredible list of authors with new books scheduled for interviews in upcoming editions of Life Elsewhere, including, Ben Yagoda who will talk about his new book, The B-Side, The Death Of Tim Pan Alley And The Rebirth Of The Great American Song. We’ll explore an hilarious take on modern family life, parenthood, and marriage with Tim Dowling author of How To Be A Husband. Best-selling author David J. Linden will join the program to talk about examining how our sense of touch and emotion are interconnected in his new book Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind. And, Norman Doidge, M.D. unravels Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticityin The Brain’s Way of Healing

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