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The Hurricane Hunter

“Imagine the worst turbulence you have experienced on a commercial flight and multiply that terrifying experience by at least ten!” This is the sobering response from Commander Justin Kibbey when asked what it feels like to fly into a hurricane. The Commander takes his time to answer questions, methodically and patiently. His composed tone implies if he were your pilot

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Serious. Seriously. Seriousness.

                        Serious: The Constitution Demands It – The Case For The Impeachment Of Donald Trump by Ron Fein, John Bonifaz, & Ben Clements Written by a trio of veteran constitutional attorneys who argue that according to the Constitution, the time to talk about impeachment is now. They offer a precise case

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The Myths & The Movies

The Halloween edition of Life Elsewhere will feature an interview with professor Verlyn Flieger on the myths behind Halloween. Film critic and media expert Bob Ross will discuss the various genres of horror movies including the classics, the spoofs, modern gore hits, slasher movies and those odd early special effects classics. Plus we would like your suggestions for a special

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