Serious. Seriously. Seriousness.


Serious: The Constitution Demands It – The Case For The Impeachment Of Donald Trump by Ron Fein, John Bonifaz, & Ben Clements

Written by a trio of veteran constitutional attorneys who argue that according to the Constitution, the time to talk about impeachment is now. They offer a precise case against the president, detailing eight legal grounds, including illegal payments from foreign governments; using government agencies to persecute political enemies; obstructing justice; abusing the pardon power; undermining of the freedom of the press. Ron Fein, Legal Director for Free Speech For People joins the program to talk about his book and answer questions emailed in by listeners. “Why isn’t anyone moving forward with impeachment? Why are the people in power so forgiving and willing to look the other way?” Asks Janis in SeattleRon Fein expertly gives his opinion on what could well be the most important question right now.

Seriously: The World In A Grain – The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization by Vince Beiser

Did you know that after water and air, sand is our most consumed natural resource? Have you ever realized how deeply sand defines and makes possible our lives? Every concrete building and paved road on Earth, every window, computer screen and silicon chip, is made from sand. This humble material is in everything from light bulbs to glasses – and we are running out of it. Award-winning journalist Vince Beiser explains how vital sand is in its many forms, from construction sand to silica to high-purity quartz. Beiser writes, “Sand has become one of the twenty-first century’s most sought-after commodities, sparking violence and destruction around the world.”

Seriousness: Off The Cliff – How the Making of Thelma & Louise Drove Hollywood to the Edge by Becky Aikman

In 1991, Thelma & Louise. The story of two women on the run from their disenchanted lives, was a revelation. Finally, here was a film in which women were, in every sense, behind the wheel. It turned the tables on Hollywood, instantly becoming a classic. Becky Aikman draws on 130 interviews with the key players of this remarkable cast of actors, writers, and filmmakers to give a detailed and fascinating insight into a cinematic masterpiece. Before Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, and a young up-and-coming actor named Brad Pitt got involved, Thelma & Louise was just an idea in the head of Callie Khourie, a disenchanted thirty-year-old music video production manager. One night at four am, Callie had a vision for a movie – two women on a crime spree, fleeing their dull and tedious lives, in search of a freedom they never had been able to realize. The likelihood of a script by an unheard-of screenwriter starring women lead roles actually getting made was remote. Aikman tells an inspiring and important story about creativity, the magic of cinema, and the obstacles that women in Hollywood continue to face to this day.

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