What Would Sid Say, Frida As Patti Smith, Good Pop Music & More

Sid Vicious

 Power, Corruption & LiesTime Traveling PhotosFake Frida as Patti

The latest installment of BACK. covers a lot of territory, including a question about Sid Vicious‘s cover of My Way in a car commercial, Frida Kahlo nude and as Patti Smith, pixilated album sleeves, new pop music and much more…

BACK.  is the page where Norman B. the host and creator of Life Elsewhere presents his thoughts, observations and curated links to all manner of places. We encourage you to take a look, then scroll down and discover places you never new existed. You’ll find music before the other indie music blogs receive their promo packages. Discover links to graphic artists, photographers and designers who deserve your attention. BACK. shares links to sites carefully curated by Norman B. and occasionally stories about and from his life, like the time he lusted after and eventually bought a pair Manolo Blahnik shoes. We invite you to BACK. now…

Life Elsewhere airs next: Monday August 25 at 9.00am ET (1400 GMT)

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