Marty Friedman – A Disarmingly Frank Interview

Marty Friedman

“In the same week I auditioned for Megadeth, I also auditioned for Madonna!” Confides, celebrated Heavy Metal guitar wizard, Marty Friedman. With his signature probing, yet genial interview style, Norman B engages Friedman, in a disarmingly frank conversation. “In the music business, there are several levels of where you are at, and it has nothing to do with your ability,” continues Marty, “but, people treat you better when you are on the top of the charts!” Known for his tenure as the lead guitarist for heavy metal band Megadeth, which spanned nearly the full decade of the 1990s, Marty Friedman has resided in Japan since 2003, where he is also a highly revered TV star. During the interview, Marty explains the importance of fans, his fascination with Japanese music and understanding a different culture. His responses to Norman B’s questions and well-considered observations make for yet another memorable Life Elsewhere interview.

Inferno is the title of Marty Friedman‘s latest album, his North American tour begins in September.

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